Friday, May 10, 2013


After the last post I had some great intentions. but then my period screwed me. I had all the symptoms of being on my period (stomach/back ache, heaviness, irritability and cravings) but it didn't actually show for 3 more days. The frustration of it eventually got to me, so I had 3 or so bad days eating. I *think* I'm going to be OK now, I thought I had it on track yesterday but then ended with some massive chocolate chip pancakes, but me and two friends I spoke about before all confessed our eating sins for the day (none of us [separately] did that great) and we have resolved to make today better. I saw this post on pintrest and think I am going to give it a go:


I'm usually against gimmicky diets, but in this case I might do this for the week to give myself a boost and get me back on track after the little downturn in dieting fortunes. I think as it#s only a week it should be fine, and then I will return to my regularly scheduled programming (assuming I don;t get bored of it and give up half way through).