Friday, May 10, 2013


After the last post I had some great intentions. but then my period screwed me. I had all the symptoms of being on my period (stomach/back ache, heaviness, irritability and cravings) but it didn't actually show for 3 more days. The frustration of it eventually got to me, so I had 3 or so bad days eating. I *think* I'm going to be OK now, I thought I had it on track yesterday but then ended with some massive chocolate chip pancakes, but me and two friends I spoke about before all confessed our eating sins for the day (none of us [separately] did that great) and we have resolved to make today better. I saw this post on pintrest and think I am going to give it a go:


I'm usually against gimmicky diets, but in this case I might do this for the week to give myself a boost and get me back on track after the little downturn in dieting fortunes. I think as it#s only a week it should be fine, and then I will return to my regularly scheduled programming (assuming I don;t get bored of it and give up half way through).

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sometimes you just have to slog through

How are we into May already? Seriously, this time passing thing is getting out of hand.

Weight loss is going, albeit slowly. I've been quite frustrated the last few days as I saw a new low on the scale (what I believe was a 'real' new low instead of a fluke from a light eating day) but then my weight jumped up for no discernible reason and has stuck there for the last three days. I try not to weigh myself every day for exactly this reason, but I want to see the jump up disappear and can't leave it alone until it does! Actually, I say 'no discernible reason' but I think my period should be showing up very soon. I hope to God it is anyway, because I've had stomach and back ache today to accompany the weight gain. If I'm going to suffer the symptoms I want to at least get this over with for another month. In the mean time I'll try not to make it make me too crazy. I've kept on doing my thing and trying to keep my basic rules going and it seems to be working. At least I know I haven't eaten anything that would justify this kind of gain.

Things have mostly gone well, though I've noticed the last few days that I'm slipping a little on water intake. I've not been consistent with taking my water bottle to school with me, so I find myself trying to 'make up' the water I've missed at home, when I'd much rather be taking it regularly all day. I slipped once on my 'no deep fried food' idea since last I wrote here. I didn't fall into a deep fat fryer or anything, but I ordered a steak during a grill charity night my local was doing, and forgot until it arrived in front of me that the steak came with fries. I was starving as my friend J had said to meet at 4 (so I hadn't eaten) but then we didn't meet until 6:30 (!) so I just ate them. Yes I could have left them, but I was hungry and didn't. I was really happy that I didn't let this turn into my usual process of 'you've eaten this so may as well eat everything'. In theory I don;t actually think having something deep fried every now and then is actually that bad (balance is obviously important, I couldn't keep eating a lot of it most days the way I was) but I do find eating that kind of food makes it harder to stay with the good stuff, so boycotting it all together tends to work better for me.

I've been craving sweet things later at night just recently, but assuming my period is on the way that could just be the PMS talking. I've talked myself out of microwave cakes a few times this week!