Saturday, April 13, 2013

Broke, but not broken

It turned out that wasn't the start of a controlled week; I kind of disappeared down the food rabbit hole for a while. Fortunately I came back up for breath after one of those tipsy heart to hearts with friends in a bar a few days ago. I spent the next day eating right and rehydrating like a mofo with lemon-cucumber water (detoxing). Turns out either God wasn't watching for those two weeks of constant McDonald's and pizza, or lemon-cucumber water is actually magic in liquid form, because when I weighed myself the day after I was exactly the same weight I had been two weeks prior! Little miracles. Those same friends and I have made a pact with each other: No McDonald's (the bane of my and friend J's existence as it's one of the few fast, cheap, easy choices near work, so we eat it way too much), No deep-friend foods, and J, M and I (er, myself) are going to meet up on Wednesday's (communal no-work day) and walk around the lake. We've all got our little goals. M doesn't need to really, she's healthy and works out, but she'd like to get her sugar habit under control. J is thin in my book, but has gained weight since coming to China so she feels uncomfortable in herself ('cuz all girls feel too big sometimes, regardless of their size) and wants to get things under control before she goes home in June. We all thought being able to talk out our food that week while walking around would be a helpful thing for us.

The weather has gotten a little warmer so I've been having smoothies for breakfast, which means I'm getting nice hit of fruit in the mornings, and I've started taking a water flask to work. I still don't think I'm drinking enough in my working hours, but if I take a flask rather than using the little paper cups they provide, I at least tend to drink a bit more.

My cash card went missing a few days ago, which is an absolute arse and is driving me crazy, but was actually kind of a blessing in disguise as it means I have no money to waste on junk food. My Chinese account is now frozen for 10 working days while the bank wait for my new card to come in. Fun fact about China compared to home? In the UK, if you lose your card and are waiting for a new one, you can go to the bank with your photo ID and get some money out over the counter. China? NOT SO MUCH. So when I walked in there with 100 kwai (£10/$15) to my name, that's all I walked out with for the next 2 weeks. I had multiple lovely friends offer to lend me money while I waited, but I pulled some out of my savings in my home account instead because I really don't like to borrow money unless I have absolutely no other choice. This is great motivation not to spend much though, as I don't want to have to do it again before I get access to my account back. I'm trying to look at the silver lining with it forcing me back on the straight and narrow eating-wise.