Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ups and Downs

Well, I was not on the tail end of the cold if my blocked sinuses are anything to go by, and I'm not loving the addition of a pounding headache to the mix. I think I might be quite dehydrated which is probably making everything feel worse, so I am drinking as much water as I can right now.

Food wasn't good this past week, despite my plans to keep it confined to that weekend. The combination of being sick still and having to visit the dentist (one emergency appointment when the back of my tooth came off, one appointment after that to fix cavities seen in appointment 1), with more appointments in the works (root canal on my front tooth, impacted wisdom tooth to remove, tooth root to be taken out), meant that I fell back in to old habits of taking the easy way. That is, eating out for my meals. At weigh in I was a kilo up, whether it's all real weight or some water I'm not sure but we'll see.

The good news is I cleaned my apartment yesterday, I'd gone off my cleaning calendar when I got sick too, either everything works or everything slips, so I'm feeling much better mentally for doing that. I also got paid yesterday, which has me breathing a sigh of relief. I'm using 'you need a budget' to keep track of my money, so I plugged it straight into there along with what I expect to spend this month and where I want the money to go. Is it incredibly geeky of me to be excited about that this? I love this kind of thing. I'm hoping this will help me save what I want to go back to school when I finish in China.

I have my lunch made and packed, may this be the start of a controlled week.