Friday, March 15, 2013


This week is definitely turning out harder than last. I went and paid my Internet/cable bill on Wednesday, it came to 2300 (for the year) which means I am now totally skint. I have about 200 kwai in my purse for the rest of the week (£20/$32, shouldn't be a problem), but then only 1,000 (£100/$160) until pay day (somewhere around the 28th). This is China, so it's doable, but it's half what I had planned so I will have to watch things carefully. In anticipation of this I made a big pot of chilli yesterday and froze it into individual portions. I kept some unfrozen for lunch today/tomorrow, but if all else fails it means that I have that ready and waiting.

I'v been feeling kind of low for the last few days. No discernible reason, just mildly depressed. I'm feeling kind of burned out on work even though I only came back from my holiday home 3 weeks ago (maybe because I came back only 3 weeks ago?). It's assessment/End of Term Presentation time, which is always stressful, so that could be it. It also doesn't help that I was feeling a bit off around 3pm yesterday, and that feeling has now descended into 'I'm sick'. I've been chugging orange juice and trying to stay hydrated in a hope that it won;t get worse than it is. I get sick a lot in China (working with kids, everyone spitting/not covering their mouth when they cough/sneeze) and it usually turns into a hacking chesty cough, which I'm desperately trying to avoid. I'm hoping the fact that I have been eating well, taking my vitamins and sleeping properly will work in my favour and that this will pass me by without too much incident.