Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The bosom of my homeland

Well, I'm back home now and am pleased to report that I didn't have major problems on the flight. I filled my seat but I did fit, so that was good. I was lucky in the fact that on both planes I didn't have anyone sitting next to me, so even when the arm rest did dig in slightly (only very slightly, I could have dealt with it if I'd been sitting by someone) I was able to just raise it up and have two seats anyway. I'm now very glad I didn't spend all that money upgrading to business class. My dad mentioned something worth checking on though (that I forgot about when I was checking in), that I should ask how much an upgrade is on the day as they'd rather sell it cheaper then to fill the seat than have it wasted. I'll possibly look into it when I go back. If it were the case of a few hundred I would probably pay that.

I met my baby brother and sister for the first time yesterday! There were adorable, but then I knew they would be. I bought them ALL THE OUTFITS from China so they're going to be the best dressed babies in the village for a while.

I'm going up to my mum's at the weekend, and I'm really nervous because I'll probably be driving. I passed my test about three weeks before I went to China and haven't driven since, making the longest journey I've ever taken outside of the safe haven of the dual control instructor car about 5 minutes. Mum lives in East Anglia, which (for someone who knows what they're doing) is about 2 and a quarter/2 and a half hours away. For someone who knows what they're doing. It also involves driving on BIG ROADS instead of the usually back streets I'm used to. I believe the phrase to best describe me right now would be shitting brick. I called my old driving instructor and asked him to give me a top up lesson or two, which I have booked for tomorrow and Thursday. I called my mum to finalise details, and though I think she meant well, she actually made me feel a lot worse about it, so I've gone from 'This is awful but I can do it' to 'crap'. Fingers crossed anyway.