Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Still here, still going

So how have things gone since last I posted?

Not too bad actually. I've been to the gym twice, which may not seem like much but has pleased me greatly. Food has been a mixed bag. I had a few goodbye things for people at work so that dinner was big, but when I went out with friends yesterday to Blue Frog, a place known for it's big burgers, and managed to order something reasonable (even after they came back to me and told me they didn't have the soup I wanted at first for my soup and salad idea, I chose a curry and rice instead of the burger I nearly went for). My idea of having discernible vegetables in meals is serving me well, and I've managed to stay away from any fast food (McDonald's or otherwise). On the whole I'd call this week successful, and when I weighed myself today I was down over 3kg despite this being the first day of my period so I was really happy.

It wasn't a perfect week, but I think it was more good than bad and I'm glad to see the results of that. Tomorrow I might have to go see the doctor as my persistent friend Hacking Cough is back (a result of the cold I came down with last week), but I haaaaate going so I may talk myself out of it between now and then. Things have taken a real cold turn here in Nanjing so I'm mostly wanting to huddle in front of my heater and not move. I have chicken soup on the stove, cauliflower cheese in the oven, a friend coming over to help me eat it, and Christmas music on the TV :).