Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weigh In

Time for the weigh in already? Wow, that went fast. Here are the numbers!

Start Weight: 117kg
Current Weigh: 115.6kg
Weight lost: 1.4 kg (3#)

A good loss for the weeks, especially considering I wasn't as vigilant as I could have been. My food was fine for a few days, but the moment I didn't make lunch for work things became much much harder. The only thing to eat in the time I have is McDonald's, so I ended up going and having a fish sandwich meal not once but twice. Lesson learned from the experience is that making my own lunch is important and has a huge bearing on how I view the day from a healthy eating perspective. I was very close to saying 'oh well, too late now, I'll just eat what I want for the day and get back to it tomorrow' on both those days and only just managed to keep myself under control.

Other telling things from the week include the fact that it's really easy for me to stop tracking my food when I feel like I'm eating the wrong things. I realised today I hadn't tracked those McDonald's days so I went back and tracked them now when I was putting in today's food. Funny thing was that while the calories were technically over, on the worst of the 2 days the number was 1775 (145 over range goal) and on the other it was 1648 (a mere 18 over). While over is still over, they're not really the fall of the wagon and disappear into a pit of despair kind of numbers that I can build up in my head sometimes. If I were to track when I'm supposed to I think it would stop me from making worse decisions later.

The gym and blogging goals I fell a little short on. I was tempted to count today as it would put me on goal for both, but today (Tuesday China time, and the first day of my weekend) is my weigh in so it counts as a new week. I was planning for three of each this week and ended up with two on both counts. The gym was out on hold while I was struck down with a cold and the blogging I just forgot about (hey, I'm a little rusty!), but two is better then none and I'm happy I at least made an attempt. Hopefully this week I'll be able to actually do both three times.

Speaking of the gym, I did 20 minutes on the elliptical today! I know it doesn't sound very long, but I wheezed out 7 my first go round, so it was a bit of a victory for me. I feel kind of like I want to join a weight loss challenge while I'm feeling motivated, but don;t know where to start looking, and there any running right now? I'd like something going up to Christmas if possible.