Thursday, October 11, 2012


I moved on from this blog a few years ago to pastures new, but decided recently I want to get back in to this whole weight loss thing. I was going to go with the fresh start fresh blog idea, but I've always liked the name of this one, and after quite a few tries with other titles I can safely say that there are a hell of a lot of names already in use over blogger! I have another blog that I'm still using to keep people updated back home, but with things like weight loss I don;t want my whole family knowing the darkest corners of my mind on this topic, it makes me feel kind of over-exposed.

So here I am. I'm in a new country since last we met (goodbye Japan, hello China!) having done a brief stop back home in the UK between. So what's happening now? I'm fat and I'd like not to be. That ones a no-brainer I suppose. I'm currently barrelling through my 29th year and given that 30 is a big birthday, I would like to have made some positive changes before I hit it (my 30th birthday is May 18th 2013). A friend of mine in Canada recently got a gastric band put in, and when I heard about it I realised it was making me contemplate doing the same, which in turn made me think I should give the old fashioned way another try first  as the idea of surgery scares me a whole lot, and where I am geographically makes it a no-go for a while at least.

Most of all, the reason I'm back to it is that I've had a sense over the last 6 months that my body has starting tallying up all the shit I've given it over my life and is finally starting to give me the bill. Before now I've been fat in varying degrees of health, but nothing that really stopped me doing anything. Since I've been working my current job though I've been having major trouble with what I believe is Plantar Fasciitis , which has been making simple things like walking around very painful. Weight loss will help with this and I'd be far less cranky if I weren't limping around. I went to my doctor because I had a virus and the nurses there do basic checks before you see the main guy. I was asked if I usually have high blood pressure. I said no because I never have before (and given that I'd had a stressful time trying to find the place before my appointment it could have been that) but the overlying message seems to be that I have reached the point where cracks are starting to show in terms of what my body can handle.

So: Goals! I has them!

Weight: Loss: 0.9kgs a week (2lbs, I work in metric here)
Exercise: Minimum 3 times a week at the gym I joined yesterday, more is great but I'm trying not to trip on my usual hurdle of 'you didn't go today so there is no point going EVER AGAIN'
Blogging: Again, I'm trying for 3 times a week as if I have a bad week I tend not to update and that's not helpful, also I made it a goal on Sparkpeople. Speaking of sparkpeople...
Food: Log food on sparkpeople every day. It's a pain in the ass but it works for me. China is hard with tracking food because most of it either doesn't have nutritional info, or I can read it.

I currently weigh 117kg. My big goal is to get down to 75kg. My middling goal is to finally break 100kg, and my for now goal is to get back under 110kg.

Here we go.