Wednesday, October 17, 2012

House Day

Today was a house day for a variety of reasons.

First: The Laundry. Oh God, The Laundry. So massive it needs those capital letters. I have a washer here but not a dryer, so it's a balancing act of making sure you have what you need drying in time while getting the right loads in. Generally I've never been a separator of clothing in the wash, too much faffing around for me. If whatever piece of clothing I have can't survive being washed with my trousers on a general wash I probably shouldn't own it. However, my washer here has decided to leave big purple marks on my whites (despite using the washing machine drum cleaner thing) any time I mix them, so now I have to juggle doing my lights/darks/coloured and still getting the right amounts dry in time for me to wear outfits.

Second: Still having coughing issues. God I'm sick of it. I now have something new where my throat feels kind of like I'm going to cry any minute? You know when you're tearing up and you have a lump in your throat that aches a bit that you have to swallow past? Exactly that feeling, with no emotional trigger. Drinking hot water today and coughing stuff up has helped, but surely there should be a limit on how much mucus a body can produce?

Third: Laaaazzzzyyy Day. Yesterday we had rain! Oh rain, how I've missed you. It rained and was quite cool all day (I finally got a chance to wear my new dressing gown against the slight chill, though I still haven't put my blanket back on my bed, the covers are still enough. It meant that all I wanted to do when I woke up today was be domestic. I made carrot and coriander soup (I put the recipe here on Sparkrecipes, but I don't use the Bottomless username any more lest you think I haven't been tracking my food, it's simple and quick recipe good for lunch) and watched the final of The Great British Bake Off.

I have to clean my apartment some more, the floors especially need going over, and I need to make lunch for tomorrow. I need to pack my gym bag so I have no excuses before work tomorrow, but that may have to wait until tomorrow morning as my stuff is still wet. I've been eating my soup through the day and while that's very good it's not enough calories, am going to have to see what else I want for dinner.