Monday, September 28, 2009

Staying the path

Well then, the weekend went well. I managed to keep up with my eating and get on my bike. I'm less than enthused about my bike still though, hopefully that will improve as I remember how good it makes me feel.

I made the nicest green smoothie this morning! My smoothies have ended up with an unfortunate brownish tinge recently, thanks to my habit of throwing a handful of frozen blueberries in to the mix. It tastes fine, but I tip in into a green glass so it looks more like it's supposed to. Today I changed my ingredients a little, and had nectarine, banana, spinach, and a few mangetout. Th result was a lovely bright, fresh green that I blended really well so it was smooth. It was great.

Swine flu has hit my school, and we're being told that if more than one student per class gets it then the class they're in will all get sent home. It never fails to amaze me, when swine flu first rolled around everyone was going 'OH THE HORROR, if anyone gets it we'll close all the schools in the area', but now that it's actually here? 'Oh, maybe we will cancel one class'. It makes sense on no level.

I think the overreaction to swine flu has been insane, but if you're going to cancel school cancel school, else what's the point? Canceling one class just screws up the schedule and leaves that class losing part of their Winter holiday to catch up the work they missed. It's especially back timing because the exams are coming up in two weeks. Also, the asks half the staff are wearing are driving me mad, as are their not so subtle attempts to suggest I put one on lest I accidentally brush against one of the first years.

Breath. Breath. Okay, I'm done. Back on topic.

I've been making a special effort to keep try out new recipes instead of falling into my 'meat, with veg on the side' rut I tend to get into during Phase one of SB, so far so good. Tonight I'm going to stuff some aubergines I have in the fridge and bake them, should be good!

All's well friends, let's hope it stays this way.


Anonymous said...

Wearing a mask sound really aggravating. I hope it doesn't come to this!

Lauren said...

glad you are doing ok. Here in Korea, they are checking each kid's temp before they enter the school. What are you stuffing the aubergine's with. I have some in my fridge and not sure what to do with them.