Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An experiment

Hello all, sorry for my absence. My outlook on food has had a slight shift of perspective the last few days and it left me going back and forth about whether to blog it here. You see, just recently I haven't been trying to lose weight. I've just been going with the flow, not binging (well, there was that one time), but not falling off the wagon. It's been more of a 'get off the wagon and decide to take the bus' sort of a week rather than 'left in the dirt with wheel tracks down my back' time.

It all started when my BOE finally replaced my old crappy fridge. The possibilities of what I could do or make with the extra two shelves to actually hold the food rather than the piles crammed in and squashed, were amazing. I've gone over all domestic the last week and have been cooking and baking up a storm, I forget sometimes, allowing myself to be cowed by my lack of kitchen resources, how much I love the act of cooking.

The I read an article by Michael Pollan that contained this quote from someone he was talking to: "I have the diet for you. It’s short, and it’s simple. Here’s my diet plan: Cook it yourself. That’s it. Eat anything you want — just as long as you’re willing to cook it yourself".

And slowly, stubbornly, an idea took route.

I've made a food/recipe website that starts by explaining the big idea and my plans. I've been wanting to start food blogging for some time, but it seems so at odds with the diet blogger I've been for so many years. Yes I know you can have healthy recipes, but it gets so difficult to come up with new, different, healthy enough to post on a diet blog, ideas that I put off starting one. I tend to eat the same kind of food day in day out when I'm on plan. I don't mind that, but there are only so many ways you can put 'meat and veg stir fry' on a food blog before people get bored.

So I'm going in a slightly different direction. I'm going to eat anything I want, provided I make it myself. I'm not focusing specifically on healthy or unhealthy things, I'm just going to cook what I can when it looks good. I don't know how this will effect my weight, whether it will make me lose gain, or do nothing, but for the duration of this idea of mine I'm going to roll up my sleeves ad dive into making and enjoying food.

This blog will still be here, I will see how updating both of them go (though it may be less frequent here), or if it doesn't work I may come back here after I'm done. Right now I'm saying a month, if I hate it or find it unsustainable I can be done with, if not I'll take the idea and start purposely applying it to more healthy food (as appose to anything that strikes my fancy) to push it in more of a weight loss direction.

I hope all of you are OK out there. As I said, I'm not giving up this blog, so don't worry. I'll be posting food pics/recipes on my other blog, if you'd like to have a look to see what I'm making, it can be found at