Saturday, July 18, 2009


Anyone still here?

I've calmed down a little but I'm still not eating healthily, I was going to get back to it and then start blogging when I got it under control, but I keep putting off starting so I'm wondering if blogging will get me moving again.

(all pics can be made bigger if you click on them)

So what have I been doing while I've been away? Today I went to an amazing unagi restaurant. Unagi is freshwater eel, and as the day to eat eel is coming up so I went out with some of my private students to have some. It is believed that eating eel gives you stamina, so it's often eating during the hot, hot summer. Sadly I forgot my camera, so I only have a fuzzy camera phone pic, for that reason I'm grabbing a pic off the Internet to better illustrate how good it is. I'm always shocked how mild the flavour is. I've only ever eaten unagi nigiri (sushi) but fresh off the grill it just melts in your mouth.

The soup next to it is not miso, but kimosui, a soup made with the eel liver.

In other picture news, I was in a restaurant last Tuesday and got a snapshot of the menu, we're not entirely sure who they're referring to (the South of China maybe? Korea?), but jeez Japan, say what you really think!

'Source of chicken' should be chicken in sauce, translations occasionally go awry.

A much grosser thing we found in the 100円 shop, can you guess what it is?
No? How about now?

(putting aside the 'Oh God Whhhhhhy?!' of the existence of this product; if you were going to use it, why would you trust one from the Japanese equivalent of the dollar store?)


Anonymous said...

Hi you! konnichiwa! I love the guys' face on the package...
Glad to read you! I love miso soup :-9
Random comment LOL

Journo June aka MamaBear said...

Bwaahhaaahaaa. I miss Japan! :-D
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