Monday, June 15, 2009


I woke up this morning expecting my knees to hurt because I had been kneeling most the day on Sunday to get down onto the kids level at my play station at the kindergarten. They were feeling a little raw when I went to bed. What I failed to consider was what staying in a crouched/squat position for the better part of six hours was going to do to my muscles when I woke up this morning. Let's not gussy this up by calling them glutes; my arse hurts. I've been hobbling around like one of the tiny obaachans (grandmothers), hunched over their woven carts as the go ever so slowly down the street towards the rice fields. The day was worth it though. The kids were awesome, I manned the play-dough station with pride. I was utterly amazed at how good some of the kids are at English considering their age.

Planning today has been good. I did indeed get up early, giving me enough time to have a raisin spice instant oatmeal pack, followed a little later by scrambled eggs. I packed a lunch for school the night before so everything was ready, it's so nice knowing that I have it here instead of running the gauntlet of the store. I even remembered to put two pork chops into a bag with a couple of spoon of a ginger meat glaze I found at the store a few days ago, so that should be marinating nicely for my return. I'll be able to stick some brown rice in the rice cooker when I get home and chop a little cucumber for a easy, tasty meal with fairly little effort on my part.

I think my break was a really good thing. Well, I think that because I managed to come back from it, most the time 'a short break' is really the end. I think if I hadn't I'd still be struggling and hating it. It feels quite easy again and I'm left wondering what made it so damn difficult before, because I'd forgotten, I'd forgotten what it was like to enjoy this.


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