Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eventually you have to stop planning and start doing

I don't know you guys, something is out of whack. I'm doing fine at work, and yet my eating is still out of control. Usually stress at work is one of the factors that sets me off.

I think it my be good (bad), old fashioned, will power vs laziness. Mentally I'm ready to get back to a dieting place in my life, but I'm allowing myself (and I use the phrase 'allowing' on purpose) to take the easy way out, like going to the store and buying binge food, because I get home from a hot and humid workday (the school doesn't allow air conditioning until it gets to 28C and certain percentage of humidity) and the cooling evening makes me sleepy so I don't want to cook.

Well, that can't go on forever, not if I want to keep my sanity, so here is where I take a stand. When I finish typing this I am going to find the remnants of the food from last night and toss it. I know a while back while I was doing South Beach I cut out white foods (white rice, white sugar, white potatoes) and I really think it worked for me, so I'm going to try that again. It will be difficult the first few days but it gets so much easier after that, I know it will make me feel better.

I sent very spare penny home when I got paid yesterday, so things are going to be really lean this month, but it means that my plan to start the savings I was going on about at the beginning of the year is now underway. Planning food isn't just something I want to start doing again, it's necessary for me to make lunches and be frugal with my groceries to stay in budget, so that's something that will all link up together. I need to know what I'm going to eat so I can know how much I'll need to spend and make adjustments accordingly.


ani pesto said...

I so totally identify with this. My work and stress has calmed down and yet my food control's a mess and I'm very aware of actively *choosing* not just allowing myself the easy option.

Good luck getting yourself together :-)