Thursday, May 7, 2009

Workhouse, glorious workhouse

I'm back at school and time has not improved it. The alarm went off this morning and I was tired enough that the first alarm just got incorporated into what I was dreaming, thank goodness for the snooze. Once I was half way awake my stomach started actively shouting 'feed me you bastard!' and I had to get up for breakfast. It's not usually that insistent of a morning, like me it needs half an hour before it's properly awake and able to process things, but I guess that's what happens when you feed it mostly fruit and carbs the day before.

I had such a nice lunch planned and have now cocked it up by realising that I left my protein on the kitchen table - oh noes! I should have cucumber sticks and salsa, a tin of tuna, an almond and yogurt covered raisin mixture, and a banana. Without the protein to help I think it's going to be a long afternoon.

Oh, oh - And! I realised while lying in bed last night that I had forgotten to put something into daily plate and was therefore more over than I thought, FAIL. I was up this morning which was expected, but still I thought a kilo was a bit excessive. I suppose it's irrelevant as I am refusing to count it for motivational purposes. If it doesn't disappear tomorrow then I'll put it up but until then: nothing doin'.

On to non-weight related news.

1) WTF is up with the new Kindle DX from Amazon? $489 just two months after the last incarnation of the Kindle was revealed? I think Sarah from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books says it best: "Keep it coming, Amazon. I’m enjoying this a lot. I can has moar fail please? kthxbye”.

2) Am I completely going to hell for finding Swine Flu ridiculous? Not the illness itself obviously, but the reaction to it? I understand that you have to be careful but it really doesn't take much to whip Japan into a frenzy and it's not even in the country! Also, I know this is a serious thing, but every time flu comes around it kills people. People have been going nuts about this and I really think it should be treated like any other illness where precautions are taken and we go on with our lives. Ah well, I have a feeling pork is about to get a lot cheaper at the supermarket.

Ah! My stomach is rumbling again! And it's not being subtle! My stomach once rumbled so loud in a seminar at university that conversation actually stopped. Time to dig out my banana...


Lauren said...

thanks for the tip on that blog place. I also went off plan yesterday, ok, well I went off the deep end.

Journo June aka MamaBear said...

You are such a hoot! Seems like there's always some illness to start a panic for, doesn't it. What the heck. ;-)
Path to Health

Amy said...

Dude, the swine flu is ridiculous. People get sick, it's been happening for EVER and we're STILL here. I can't wait for Foxnews to realize the plague isn't completely vanished, can't friggin' wait.