Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm not sure how to write this without sounding like an ungrateful bitch, so I probably won't succeed. My apologies to anyone I offend, but this is seriously driving me crazy.

I love comments. It helps me stay on track when I feel like people are listening and care enough to respond, which is why I've put off writing this for the last couple of months, but I was reading through some old posts for motivation and noticed that this is getting more common and it's driving me crazy. Please be aware that I'm not pointing the finger at any one person when I say this.


I cannot tell you how much this has been bugging me. I love comments, I hate hate HATE comments that are only there to advertise the commenter's blog. I understand that everyone loves comments too, and it's nice to get a comment back if you've posted on someones site, but there is a link for your blog/website in the comment form; use that and be done with it! I usually go to other peoples sites when they've commented on mine, and if I feel I've got something to say that's relevant or you're due a congratulations I'll post. I know where the link is, I promise.

There is no reason for the rage that extra link inspires, but inspire it it does and I'm much more likely to not comment because of it.

Another point of what I think of as 'blog advertising' is a little more subtle, and I think largely well-intentioned, so I wasn't sure about mentioning this, but it's been happening more over the last couple of month so I will. It sounds obvious, but please read what our commenting on before posting. I've had a lot of advice recently that if you read what I've written either makes no sense or I've already said I'm doing. As I said, some of this is well intentioned, people who are doing well in their plans and are so eager to give advice that they skim through the post and then get writing.

On a slightly related note, thank you for your congratulations but I didn't lose 50lbs, I just said that if/when I got there I would post a picture.

As I said, I don't mean to offend anyone and I'm sorry if this has. This is not a personal attack on anyone and I don't want to lose readers or make people scared of commenting, but while I find the first an annoying habit, the second is really demotivating because it tells me that no matter how nice the comment is nobody is actually bothering to read.


WWSuzi said...

Yes i've had a couple of comments lately that are simply comments to get me to follow their blogs!! Annoying. And i know i'm bad sometimes for fast reading a blog and then commenting but my intentions are good :) And no offense was taken.

Lauren said...

okie dokie. Hope things are going well. Your bike riding has been really inspiring.

Michelle said...

Haha, I hear you.

Although while we're on the subject of commenting I would comment on your blog more but blogger based comments always crash for me on the captcha, so it's always a worry that what I say won't get through! :(

Hope you're okay Zan, got any nice plans for your birthday this year?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it's not spam?
I get tooons of spam comments, but wordpress flags them for me. I get "This is very interesting. Here's my website" at least once a day! And I also get terrible mumbo jumbo of obscene porno words... *shudders*
I hate spam!

Amy said...

I'm a comment bitch myself, I've been getting a lot of comments lately that make me insane. They're all "the answer is blah blah" and I'm like, didn't I just say that? or did I ask that question because I'm pretty sure I don't care? Sometimes I feel like a bad person but other times I delete with reckless abandon. I feel like probably it discourages comments which is sad but then seriously I don't want to talk to morons. I try really hard to only comment useful things...the number of comments I start and delete is insane, but I think not as insane as actually posting them. The interwebs are full...done be full of morons so operate as you see fit m'dear.