Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday WI

Why Scale, we're in quite a mood this morning aren't we?

Weight Today: 102.8kg/226.1lbs
Difference: -0.6kg/1.3lbs

I was at 102.2kg earlier this week, in fact I held below what I am now for the entire week, even during my period. Son of a Bitch.

I'm really angry about my weigh in today. Yes, I know, any loss is good blah blah blah, but I didn't deserve to see this number as I had lost twice that.

I had one day this week (3 days ago!) where I ate out of turn. I went out for dinner and the damage was somewhere in the region of an extra 350 calories. That's 0.1lb, not 0.6kg. I don't know exactly why this has made me so angry, but it has. I had a hard week this week, my period came and I didn't binge - I didn't binge at any point - do you know how difficult that is for me?

The weather was awful all week and mentally that really wore me down almost 7 days of straight rain (and by straight I means continuous, it didn't stop at all) but I kept plodding along and forcing myself to get my kilometers in. It's been a slightly depressing week because my birthday is coming up but there are other events happening that people had already agreed to go to (that I won't be part of) so thus far no one is free on either weekend around the date, so my attempts to organised a get-together have failed.

But despite that I kept my food and exercise on track, it was the one thing keeping me balanced. I had a good number and there is no good reason for me to not have it today, I deserve it.