Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm a little stuck for things to say. The first day I didn't update because I had a bad day, ate about a thousand over calories but then didn't exercise! I'm not sure why. Usually I don't worry to hard about calorie count because the amount of biking I do means I can even it out or still come out on top, but then I was really tired and just decided not to. It kind of bummed me out.

Yesterday food was better and not. I ate within calories, but only because I chose to count the cookies I'd eaten as dinner. I did do my exercise (30km) so that's back on and fine. I don't know you guys, I'm keeping up and not letting myself dig too deep of a hole, but I've really been feeling blah this week and I don't like it. Also, the humidity has been giving us a small taste of what summer is going to be like and that makes me so sleepy at the end of the day (when it starts to cool down and ease off), which means that even if I were feeling at my most genki I would be having to push myself a little more to get up and do stuff.

It's odd, this is the first time I've struggled, properly struggled past a momentary longing, for the last few months and I hate being back here.


Lauren said...

You can do this. just take it minute by minute.

fighting_fat said...

Its hard, but with determination and our strong fighting spirits we can get through it!

Anonymous said...

I'm struggling too right now and I also don't know why? I used to think getting back on track for just one day was all you needed to get out of your funk but we'll see about that! Yesterday was ok and I'm hoping it's a good first step. good luck!