Friday, May 22, 2009

Quelle horreur

I managed to have a clean day eating and exercise yesterday, so I bit the bullet and weighed in. Actually, I stepped on the scale last night before bed (when will I learn!?) and nearly had a heart attack when I saw 105.4, but this morning was a much more reasonable 104kg. It kind of sucks that I gained over a kilo, but given what I had been eating it's hardly a surprise. I have a tendency to panic a little when I see a gain, but I have to remember that it's just 1.2kg. That's not insurmountable. Things like this can blow up into an impassable wall in our heads when in fact all it need mean is an extra week.

My next step will be to correct my sleeping. A little difficult with weekend almost upon me, but not impossible. When I'm exercising and not eating into the night then sleeping comes a bit easier, so I'm hoping it will fix itself, but I'll keep an eye on it for the next week and focus on bedtimes/getting up times. I've been waking up for school too late/super-tired and I kind of hate it.

My supervisor gave me a paper for the mandatory teacher health check (we have one every year), it's on July 28th. The last time I had one of those I weighed 114kg and had a note in Japanese expressing concern over the fact that I'd gained 12-13kg in a year. I really want to be under 100 before I go again.

It's theoretically possible for me to make my 100km goal if I do 40km tonight, we'll see how it goes. The new strap still hasn't arrived so it's been driving me a little crazy. I'm in desperate need of new DVDs, it's amazing how many I go through when I exercise every day. I'll be able to pick up some cheap ones in Korea, but until then I'm going have to find something to fill the gap, I'm so bored with all the ones I have now. Amazon has some good sales on right now (I got the British DVD of the Canadian show 'Blood Ties' for only £5, and the British version has all the episodes instead of splitting it into two the way the US version did!) but I'm trying not to spend too much money at them moment. Now I'm back in the black I want to save, not spend, but my mum is putting some birthday money into my account so maybe I'll treat myself with some of it.


Anonymous said...

Mais non! LOL I love going to the doctor when I know I can gloat about losing weight! I'm sure you'll be 100 at the end of July!

SeaShore said...

You'll have that 1.2kg off in no time, and you will make your goal of under 100 by the health check. You can do it.

Lauren said...

I wonder if your town has a local library. In my old town (it was a small one) there was a library that had a substancial english dvd selection.

ani pesto said...

Oh indeed, I have that very same habit of letting a blip blow up. So many times I've let that blip be the catalyst to going off the rails entirely, setting goal back by months - when it was "only an extra week". Well done for getting back on track.

Perhaps this time around there'll be a positive note now the 12-13kg have gone the opposite way.

Belated happy birthday btw :-)