Monday, May 4, 2009

Good things

It's Debiggering's 1 year anniversary, no-calorie cake for all!

Now, I've had blogs for years, before this I had The Cakehole, and before that (during one of my more successful weight loss stints) I remember having a blog called Self/Image, but a year ago today I decided I needed to shake out the dust and have a fresh start on this whole dieting thing.

When I left my old blog I weighed just over 110kg, a number I settled at for quite a while, but it would take me another 10 months and getting up to 118.6kg before I finally managed to get myself together and rededicate myself to losing, and I started this year just 0.4kg below where I was when I started this blog. But, deciding that we can't change what's behind us, I moved on. So, where am I today?

This morning Auntie Flo arrived, but despite the fact that today is usually my heaviest time I weighed in at a new low of 102.6kg. This is the first period I haven't binged in the lead up to/during, so I'm hoping to really focus and keep that up. It doesn't seem like a huge thing, but my period often leads to a week or more of really terrible nightly binging, making it hard to get back on track even when it's over.

Yesterday I spent a total of 122 minutes on my exercise bike. I did a total distance of 60km. Now, that wasn't all together (I did a 20km and then a 40) and it definitely wasn't the fastest time in the world, but it's a new personal best in both duration and distance for any one day and I know that a year ago (and hell, even when I first arrived in Japan and weighed what I weigh now) I couldn't have done it.

I have managed to make exercise a habit, a feat I never thought possible. I've become more active in years past because I've been living away from home and I don't drive, so walking everywhere has become much more a part of everyday life, but exercise (true, planned exercise) is something I've always hated. During better times I could feel a certain sense of satisfaction at finishing a workout, but it was always an effort to start. Always. And if I missed a day, it was difficult, if not impossible, to get back to.

Even though there were times when I hit a new low (or, ugh, high), I've also managed to get myself back down from it, and get myself out of debt while I was at it (a feat I will repeat in a couple of weeks when I finish paying off my plane ticket). New Year 2008 I was sitting in a hotel room in Bangkok making a list of New Year Resolutions, and those were my two big things I wanted to sort out. I'm not there yet, but I think there were worse ways I could have spent this year.


Wei Sic Meow said...

Happy anniversary!! And what an anniversary. You are doing so well and can actually count your achievements one year on. Here's to another great year and more goals met. Well done!

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

Happy Anniversary! It's been a good year for you in so many ways!

Congrats on the new low, but more importantly, for managing the days leading up to it. That is a huge accomplishment!

ani pesto said...

Happy Anniversary to Debiggering :-)

And how fab to end the year properly debigged, here's to another great year ahead!

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Happy Anniversary!! Its amazing how quickly time flies by!

Also congrats on the weight loss!!!!

SeaShore said...

Happy blogiversary!

Congrats on the new low :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

I have a question for you. How do you manage to bike so much / so fast? 60 km in 122 minutes is 60 km in 2 hours (30km/h). That is incredibly fast.. what competitive bikers usually bike at, so I am wondering how you manage to reach such a high speed. I am, of course, not doubting your athletic abilities, I'm just curious how you manage to bike at such a high speed.

The Fat Foreigner said...

I tried to go to your journal want2beskinny but you didn't appear to have any posts. Is it really fast? I have no frame of reference. I have the bike setting on the lowest resistance and then I go for distance, my speed changes as I go obviously but I have an average of 30km/hour. I would imagine biking outside would slow me down but on an indoor bike the conditions don;t change so I can just work on keeping it up. Err, aside from that I don't have any answers, I just report the numbers. I've had the bike since the end of January and have used it nearly every day since, so I guess it's just training and building up endurance?

fighting_fat said...

Congratulations and Happy Bloganniversary:)

You've been very inspirational in the way you've tackled all these challenges and especially with food and exercise.

Good luck for the future