Saturday, May 9, 2009


Okay, the day is almost over.

This morning's rant sent me off to the supermarket angry, lunch consisted of a curry/egg doughnut and a mini pizza ball, followed by a glazed doughnut for dessert - healthy! I moped around for a bit before finally getting over myself. Thankfully I'm now feeling entirely less self-indulgent. I logged everything and have ended up fine for the day so I suppose it wasn't the end of the world, compared to my binges of old at least relatively little damage was done.

I found a movie to watch and got on my bike and ended up quite surprising myself. The last few days my workouts have made the distance but have felt like I haven't been really pushing it. Today I biked through the entire movie (Wimbledon) and made it to 50km. I did it all in one go so that makes it the longest jaunt I've done on my bike since I bought it, and thus the longest time I spent on it at 95min 46sec. After I was done I didn't feel like having a whole meal like the dinner I had planned, so I made a nice smoothie. It's been hot today, even now, so it really hit the spot.

All in all the day has finished a lot better than it started.


WWSuzi said...

I've got to ask, whats a curry/egg donut??

fighting_fat said...

I was curious about the curry/egg donut too!!!

Well done for the way you handled the day, Its so important to not let the small set backs affect us,
I repeatedly tell myself this but its so hard when one is in that mindset of having had a lot of calories. I still let my mind fool me into thinking its all over, so might as well binge!

Good luck and I'm so glad you salvaged the day!

Tully said...

50 km??? Oh my god, that is amazing- great job!

I am sorry the weigh in didn't go too well, I know how down it can make you feel. The scale just has a mind of its own sometimes...

Geez, I am still astounded by the 50km... :-)