Friday, April 24, 2009

TGIF again

The week is finally over, thank God! My lesson is prepped for first thing Monday morning, I just need to fine some magazine pictures to complete it for the positioning game.

Today was the school trip so I left once I'd finished my prep work, there were no teachers I work closely enough with to care. I was planning on finishing about lunch time and having a half day, but it ended up taking a lot longer than I thought so I haven't been home long. I don't feel like cooking, but with weigh in tomorrow I suppose I'd better. I'm already expecting not to have lost anything (as I mentioned the scale is being really stubborn) but I'd like to dip down by 0.2kg at least so it's a maintain instead of a gain. I've been exercising my arse off so a gain would be mad, and I'm already a bit peeved at the fact that I didn't stay at my low point weight of this week. Checking back over my old scale readings has helped a lot though, when I first started exercising I had the same problem while my body adjusted to it, so it may be that because my distances has been much higher this week it's having to re-adjust itself again.

That's what I'm hoping anyhow.


Lauren said...

I'm not ok. I just kind of rambled through a post about it.

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