Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just a quickie

I spent the day first avoiding, and then finally actually doing, my lesson plans for tomorrow. I've had an odd, almost-anxious feeling in my stomach this weekend because I really wanted to be done and set up for tomorrow morning before I left on Friday, but then the teacher said the lesson plan was too difficult. That means that I have to be up extra early tomorrow so that I can get to school early and do all my photocopying etc.

I'll keep this short because I want to get to bed at a reasonable time and I still have to do my biking before bed. I think I'm going to hate having a lesson first period Monday morning this year, but at least it's with my reasonably genki class. I knew it was bothering me when I left school on Friday (which up until the late afternoon had been a really good day) wanting to eat crunchy things. I didn't want food, I wasn't hungry or craving anything, I just wanted the feeling of crunchy things in my mouth. It didn't amount to anything (which at the time didn't feel at all note-worthy, but looking back at it now should be noted for the fact that I didn't note it as time for a binge. Err, everyone still with me?) and I eventually worked out my frustrations on the bike, but I'm still kind of at a low level dread. If the teacher doesn't like any of my plan then there is zero time to fix it so I suppose that's tough. I've also got a busy (for me anyway) first half of the week so I'd like to get that over with and return to my regularly scheduled programming.

Crap, it's getting later, talk to you all tomorrow!