Thursday, April 23, 2009

How long 'til Saturday?

I've spent the day thinking it was Friday instead of Thursday because the students are going on a school trip tomorrow so I was thinking of it as a non-work day, despite the fact that I have to go to work as normal. Bummer.

I'm really looking forward to Golden Week so I can get some time off, everything so busy right now. It's making me ratty.

My weight is still holding. It could be because I've upped my exercise, but that wouldn't explain the bump up first, just the not losing.

I'm feeling really picky at the moment, not binging, but roving around the kitchen, casting my eye around for something to eat. It might be because I've just got off the bike and the exercise has made me hungry, but I'm feeling a little out of sorts so I think it's probably my head overruling my stomach.


Mrs. Darling said...

Yep Ive been doing a lot of mindless eating. I so need to get back at this thing in a dedicated way.

Lauren said...

thats funny, I have a free day today too due to a student trip.