Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

What a difference a day makes! An appropriate time for a rebirth.

I know it's the day after my period is finished so it's my lightest day, but I'll admit to letting out a little squee of happiness when I saw the numbers this morning.

Yesterday went really well, I was completely on plan for food and did both my bikes and the weights. The warm but not stifling weather continues. So far today is shaping up to be just as good. I have a mountain of laundry to do, I've been putting it off, but I'll get a good bulk of it done today. I started my morning with another smoothie and cereal combo, but I think I'll have to limit my smoothies to a couple a week as the fresh ingredients (the strawberries in particular) are so expensive. I don't really like the taste of frozen strawberries, but maybe in a smoothie it would be OK? I'll check out price and if it turns out to be much cheaper I may give it a shot.

The Doctor Who special should (hopefully) be available via torrent at some point today so that's something fun to look forward to.

Hope all of your weekends are shaping up to be great!