Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I was still 106 this morning, bah. I hope a slightly better nights sleep might rectify that though. I had a choice of getting an extra hour sleep and it maybe making a difference, or getting up and having time to cook my lunch and eat my breakfast. Given that no breakfast/lunch has a tendency to turn into over-eating in the evening or visits to the temptation store at lunch, I went with the latter. Now that it's nearly lunch time and I'm having some hunger rumbles, I'm definitely glad I did. It will also mean that my dinner is ready for me when I get home because I made enough for two meals (minus and veg I'll have to cook that is) so it's shaping up to be a good day.

Work has been fairly productive today too. It's the beginning of the school year here so we're all setting things up and planning new lessons. I'm giving the language Lab a bit of a makeover and trying to involve myself in more things. We've started a monthly English poster (explaining western holidays and other special days etc) to replace the ALT mailbox that no one ever used, and I'm trying to keep myself organised with the third year lessons this time around. The fact that they have no textbook or curriculum (English is an elective in the third year) makes things vague and a little stressful, but I've got a much better teacher this year and she seems to be open to more ideas. This is the first year I've had two classes though, usually the third year group is small enough that we just have one, so balancing the lessons in the schedule is a little tricky. I don't want one class to get too far behind or ahead, and they have so many special days here that I have to be careful not to plan out a two or three lesson activity only to find that the Golden Week holidays are in the middle of it.

There's an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal right now called 'Why That Big Meal You Just Ate Made You Hungry', it's worth a read.


ani pesto said...

Soon, very soon, I've no doubt. With all of your planning and cycling, it won't be far away.

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

Great job with the planning and preparing! That certainly makes it easier!