Monday, April 27, 2009

Bouncing back

Thanks for trying to motivate me guys (re: the comments) but I did actually say I was going to turn the TV on and get on my bike anyway, so there was no need to worry. But it's nice that you tried anyhow.

Clicking through my news links on my Google Reader I found this article about a company that is encouraging it's workers to be healthier by providing better food and, more importantly, making people aware of what they're eating through clearly presented information. I really like their attitude.

I've just had my Oral Communication class and they were really good. I always spaz out about it because it's first thing Monday morning, so I'm always stressing because if I forget anything or anything goes wrong there is no time to correct it, but then I get there and the kids are always super-genki and try really hard. It's a good thing too, if it was a really difficult class to work with I think I'd never be able to face coming to school at the beginning of the week. I'm wearing my Friday the 12th t-shirt to school today (I cut out the neck because crew necks, ugh, unflattering, so it looks more like a regular top) and they all loved it for some reason, which was nice. It's good to have something to catch there attention with. I was thinking that my lesson was going to be too easy for them, but then it turned out to be the perfect level (easy enough that they knew some so were confident, hard enough that they needed some things explaining and hopefully came away with a better understanding). The lessons was themed on instructions (both giving and following) which tends to be good near the beginning of term. Usually they have Japanese instructions on how to do English questions, but as I'm setting their homework this year and will probably also be writing their exams, I want them to understand what I'm asking them to do in English. We ran out of time so we didn't get to the positioning game, but it will be nice to have something fun to start next lesson with as a review. The kids always find the game hilarious so I'm looking forward to it.

With that out of the way I'm feeling far less lethargic now. It may just of been the thought of class today, but yesterday was weird. I had to force myself to eat dinner, I just wasn't hungry most the day (err.. that's rare). In the end I ate half of the dinner I had planned just so I wouldn't be on my bike on an empty stomach, but only ended up doing 10km. I thought for a while I might be coming down with something, but I feel OK now so I guess I'll have to just put it down to being one of those days and forget about it.

I woke up and my weight hadn't gone back up (marginally down from yesterday actually, but only by a very tiny amount - it would seem the secret of successfully losing weight is to eat more Mars Bars? Further research needed), and I remembered my packed lunch (another reason I forced myself to make it last night, so I would have something ready for today), so I'm feeling quite good.


ani pesto said...

So lethargic you don't want dinner? Well now that's something I've never suffered from before. I'm liking the sound of the mars bar diet though ;-)