Monday, April 6, 2009


This weekend was a complete orgy of food. It would seem that while I can keep tot he line at home, and control myself for a meal or two, a 3 day weekend (I ended up staying the extra day after all) with none of my tools and all my meals eaten out (my friend doesn't cook. Period.) was too much to ask of myself. Friday started with over-eating at the 100 yen revolving sushi place, and Sunday ended with McDonald's and Mr. Donuts.

It was completely a case of being out of my own surroundings and taking advantage of the fact. I'm home now and will spend the day doing damage control with food and exercise.

My play-list seemed to pick up on my feelings and turned its shuffle function to the cause.

Sometimes it’s gonna be days like this
Sometimes it’s gonna be rain like this
Sometimes your gonna feel pain like this
Sometimes you gotta work hard for it


Lauren said...

i had a similar weekend. heres to taking it back.

Kathryn said...

100 yen revolving sushi!!! OMG, such a thing exists? I want to go.

carla said...

how are you NOW?
still focusing on the damage control?
Id say W-Squared today.

WATER to flush sodium and WALKING as much as you can.

just getting back to feeling (emotionally) better before anything else!


ani pesto said...

I hope it was a fun weekend though and didn't get you too down (and that you took lots of great pics for us to see). How was the outfit?

Good luck getting back in the groove. You'll balance it all back in no time.

Wei Sic Meow said...

Orgy of food?? LOL

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

well, it's behind you now, and you can focus on getting back in the game. What I think is fantastic is this: "It was completely a case of being out of my own surroundings and taking advantage of the fact."

It's so easy for us to to claim that we're out of our routine. What you've zeroed in on (and brilliantly, I might add) is that it's not the being out of our routine, but the taking advantage of it that gets us in trouble. So, back pats to you before I steer you back to your bicycle. :)