Monday, April 20, 2009

And Hello Monday Morning...

Scale, why the 105.4kg this morning huh? I thought we'd moved past this, you only do these things to hurt me.

Actually, I kind of expected it. Perversely my calories were low enough yesterday that I expected little bump up (I ate in the 1500 range, which meant after exercise I as looking at just over 1000). This, coupled with needing a couple more hours sleep this morning, was bound to show up on the scale today. No worries though, it just means I get to focus on eating more today, which I'll admit I'm not overly put out with.

The lesson went OK, so that's one thing off my mind, but I have another to plan for Wednesday with the new first years which is proving difficult. I hate meetings to decide things here, everything is so pointless. We met to decide a lesson topic and plan out some lesson activities, nearly two hours later we've achieved maybe 20 minutes worth of activities and no topic. In the end I said I'd think of something to do for the rest of the lesson just to get out of there. I find the Japanese inability to make a decision so frustrating I cannot tell you. I also have a lesson with my less genki third years tomorrow (that I'm not sure is going to go so well) and then I start my round of first year lessons Wednesday (thanks for the notice teacher-dudes! It would have been in no way much easier for me had you told me a couple of weeks ago that I'd be teaching). Basically I'm not particularly loving this week, which is a little stressful.

The weather has gone into gloomy overcast mode. This is because the rainy season is about to move in, to be followed by God-forsaken heat/humidity. Obviously something to look forward to.

Err, I intended this post to be far less whiny, apparently I've got stuff on my mind. I keep chugging along though, I got my exercise in last night as per usual, and my water levels have been awesome lately.