Thursday, April 30, 2009


How fast the year is going! I can't believe I'm looking back on April already.

I feel like April went really well. I lost control around my period (as always), but managed to get it back on track, and though I didn't exercise every single day the way I did in March I averaged out at 5 days a week and was only 5km under my March distance (if we count today as still technically being in April then I will surpass that distance tonight!). I feel like I've really made it a habit as I no longer see getting on the bike as a chore or a task I have to fit in, it's just something I do while watching TV.

My final weight this morning was holding steady at 103.2kg, which means that I have managed to get back down to my Japan arrival weight, and finally broke the 2 kg cycle I've been rotating through for the past 3 months. My next aim for numbers is to get below 100kg, then to surpass my lightest weight in Japan (98.9kg), then to hit 50lbs lost (95.8kg).

My goal to make sure I stayed on top of my water intake went great. I surpassed my goal on most days.

I am definitely getting smaller because a lot of my clothes are either getting too big, or now fitting me when they didn't before. Oddly the tape measure isn't showing any changes though, which is really weird? But I know I'm smaller so I must not be measuring correctly.

It's my Birthday on the 18th, so it would be awesome to be under 100kg by then, but that's asking quite a lot, even if my losses have been a little bigger this month I'm still moving quite slowly compared to the past. Bumping up my exercise has seemed to help though, so I'll keep going with that and see what happens. I'll update my official weight tomorrow so that it's consistent as being done on the 1st like my other monthly numbers.

Here's to another great month!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feeling Good

I decided to take a day off yesterday, after a solid two and a half weeks I needed to loosen up a little. I didn't exercise and I gave myself a little more leeway with calories. I didn't let myself have more, but the quality of the food I took in wasn't anywhere near as balanced. I logged it all and everything was fine, I didn't use it as an excuse to binge but I did have some things that maybe I wouldn't have if I were being strict.

Today is a public holiday (Showa Day, the first in Golden week, but I have two more days at school before the other public holidays kick in and I get a full 5 days off). I slept well, woke up feeling refreshed, and my weight held steady so it looks like I didn't do myself any damage. I have my end of month weigh in tomorrow and then my official weigh in for the week on Saturday, so I'll get back to it today.

The weather is back to being reasonably nice, so I think I'm going to make sure to get my workouts in and enjoy my day off.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bouncing back

Thanks for trying to motivate me guys (re: the comments) but I did actually say I was going to turn the TV on and get on my bike anyway, so there was no need to worry. But it's nice that you tried anyhow.

Clicking through my news links on my Google Reader I found this article about a company that is encouraging it's workers to be healthier by providing better food and, more importantly, making people aware of what they're eating through clearly presented information. I really like their attitude.

I've just had my Oral Communication class and they were really good. I always spaz out about it because it's first thing Monday morning, so I'm always stressing because if I forget anything or anything goes wrong there is no time to correct it, but then I get there and the kids are always super-genki and try really hard. It's a good thing too, if it was a really difficult class to work with I think I'd never be able to face coming to school at the beginning of the week. I'm wearing my Friday the 12th t-shirt to school today (I cut out the neck because crew necks, ugh, unflattering, so it looks more like a regular top) and they all loved it for some reason, which was nice. It's good to have something to catch there attention with. I was thinking that my lesson was going to be too easy for them, but then it turned out to be the perfect level (easy enough that they knew some so were confident, hard enough that they needed some things explaining and hopefully came away with a better understanding). The lessons was themed on instructions (both giving and following) which tends to be good near the beginning of term. Usually they have Japanese instructions on how to do English questions, but as I'm setting their homework this year and will probably also be writing their exams, I want them to understand what I'm asking them to do in English. We ran out of time so we didn't get to the positioning game, but it will be nice to have something fun to start next lesson with as a review. The kids always find the game hilarious so I'm looking forward to it.

With that out of the way I'm feeling far less lethargic now. It may just of been the thought of class today, but yesterday was weird. I had to force myself to eat dinner, I just wasn't hungry most the day (err.. that's rare). In the end I ate half of the dinner I had planned just so I wouldn't be on my bike on an empty stomach, but only ended up doing 10km. I thought for a while I might be coming down with something, but I feel OK now so I guess I'll have to just put it down to being one of those days and forget about it.

I woke up and my weight hadn't gone back up (marginally down from yesterday actually, but only by a very tiny amount - it would seem the secret of successfully losing weight is to eat more Mars Bars? Further research needed), and I remembered my packed lunch (another reason I forced myself to make it last night, so I would have something ready for today), so I'm feeling quite good.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Too lazy to even think of a title

I woke up a full kilo down this morning. I don't want to jinx it, but if that sticks around until next weigh in it will mean that I weigh what I did when I first arrived in Japan (before I flew over I remember weighing in at 227. something or other). I'll try and keep everything in focus until next weigh in and see what happens.

I'm feeling extremely lazy today, I just don't want to do anything. I had planned to give my apartment a thorough going over because it needs a good cleaning, but so far I can't be bothered. I made myself do my laundry this morning (it was urgent, I needed it for tomorrow) and have just picked it up from the laundromat next door where it had been drying. While I was waiting for that to finish I went and got groceries, my magazines for tomorrow's class, and posted my economic stimulus claim form (woohoo Japan giving every resident free money). Those were things that had to be done today, but as for everything else I may end up leaving it for another time.

I don't even want to exercise, and that's usually something that makes me feel good. I'll turn the TV on later and do it regardless, but I'm not sure what's making me feel so half-arsed about things right now.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday WI

I had a good nights sleep last night and allowed myself to wake up naturally this morning, it felt so good! It was also, apparently, exactly what I needed to see some movement on the scale. Here are the numbers for this week:

Weight today: 104.6kg/230.1lbs
Difference: -0.6kg/1.3lbs

It's not the biggest loss int he world but I am very happy with it. The scale has been showing me 105.4 every day since Tuesday, so I was getting a little nervous as to what the final tally would be today. I'm nearly in to 220's now!

This weeks eating was more difficult than usual. I'm fairly sure it was due to being busy at work but I often felt myself wanting to eat something, even though I wasn't craving anything particular. I managed to get through the week without a binge though, and even though my calories have been higher the last few days my net calories (after exercise) have been completely fine.

Speaking of exercises, I was FANTASTIC this week. I rode over double my target, ending on 220km/136.7 miles. My water intake was also great, clocking a minimum of 8 glasses a day, but often getting more.

The next two weeks are going to be busy at work, so I think my goals for this week will be about focusing on my feelings vs my stomach when I want food to see if I'm really hungry or not, and to make sure that if I eat higher calories that I exercise more to compensate.

Friday, April 24, 2009

TGIF again

The week is finally over, thank God! My lesson is prepped for first thing Monday morning, I just need to fine some magazine pictures to complete it for the positioning game.

Today was the school trip so I left once I'd finished my prep work, there were no teachers I work closely enough with to care. I was planning on finishing about lunch time and having a half day, but it ended up taking a lot longer than I thought so I haven't been home long. I don't feel like cooking, but with weigh in tomorrow I suppose I'd better. I'm already expecting not to have lost anything (as I mentioned the scale is being really stubborn) but I'd like to dip down by 0.2kg at least so it's a maintain instead of a gain. I've been exercising my arse off so a gain would be mad, and I'm already a bit peeved at the fact that I didn't stay at my low point weight of this week. Checking back over my old scale readings has helped a lot though, when I first started exercising I had the same problem while my body adjusted to it, so it may be that because my distances has been much higher this week it's having to re-adjust itself again.

That's what I'm hoping anyhow.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How long 'til Saturday?

I've spent the day thinking it was Friday instead of Thursday because the students are going on a school trip tomorrow so I was thinking of it as a non-work day, despite the fact that I have to go to work as normal. Bummer.

I'm really looking forward to Golden Week so I can get some time off, everything so busy right now. It's making me ratty.

My weight is still holding. It could be because I've upped my exercise, but that wouldn't explain the bump up first, just the not losing.

I'm feeling really picky at the moment, not binging, but roving around the kitchen, casting my eye around for something to eat. It might be because I've just got off the bike and the exercise has made me hungry, but I'm feeling a little out of sorts so I think it's probably my head overruling my stomach.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two lessons down

Last night I was playing around on the Internet, trying to avoid the stuff I had to do (make up a couple of handouts for a lesson today, ride my bike), when I realised how pointless it was. Really, you can't ever completely forget about what you're supposed to be doing when you procrastinate, it's always there. I bargain with myself to check my emails first or pick up my clothes, but that feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me I have things undone that I'm going to need just doesn't leave me.

I had lessons third and fourth period today, so I was telling myself that I could finish writing up the handouts in the morning. But then I have the worry that I'll run out of time, or forget something I need, and I can't really enjoy the other thing I was telling myself would be so much nicer. Finally I'd had enough of my internal whining and just said 'that's it', unplugged my connection cord and got to work. I got my riding in so that I wouldn't have to do it later when I was tired (I was aiming for an early night), and got everything written down for my lessons so that I could sleep properly instead of stressing about it.

The lessons themselves have been a bit of a mixed bag in terms of successful student participation, but the classes seem fairly eager, and they were happy to have the ALT (er.. me) in their lesson. It was my first lesson with them so I was a little worried how it would go, but they seemed to enjoy themselves in the end. I love new first years, they always get so excited to do activities. My only lesson tomorrow is fourth period, and is using the same intro lesson plans as the others, so it should be less stressful.

It was payday yesterday so I sent some money home during lunch. I'm back to paying off my credit card right now because I recently bought a plane ticket home for Christmas, so my 'savings' idea for 2009 hasn't quite taken off as it should. I will try and remedy that as soon as possible.

I was biking last night and felt good when I got to 20km so I kept going to 40. I probably could have done more if I'd wanted to push it, but at that point the unmade handouts were calling so I stopped. It took me up to my 100km aim so that's good, I'll just wait and see how I feel tonight before I decide how long to go. My weight is fluctuating a little right now (I hit a low of 104.8 for a day, but am at 105.4 right now) so I'm not sure how Saturday is going to go for me yet. It's only Wednesday though, so time to work it out still. My water has continued to be good so it can't be that, it may just be me in need of a good sleep.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Temptations, table of one?

Welcome to Dieter's Hell, please wipe your feet.

So, it seems I have progressed from thinking about treats I want to summoning them out of thin air.

I've been feeling a bit on edge today. I've no doubt that it's from the stress at work that I mentioned last post, but I've noticed that I've been wanting to eat. I haven't hit full binge mode, but earlier I noticed that my thoughts were turning to food, and that I was musing (internally) about the things that I could have. I wasn't quite up to the bargaining stage yet (does anyone else do that? Start reasoning with yourself?) but I could feel a definite change of direction in terms of my thoughts, a mild resentment of myself and of the fact that I wasn't eating crap.

Fast forward to this evening. I waited a little too late for dinner so I'm a bit hungry, but I've got something healthy cooking and it's nearly done, so it's not the end of the world. Then comes a knock on the door. It's a delivery man.

During my last bout of PMS induced eating madness (a couple of weeks ago for anyone keeping track), I ordered a load of British food/sweets online. The surface reason (to make it 'OK') was that we're having an Easter hunt with the English Club at school tomorrow and we needed prizes, the real reason was that I wanted to binge. The box of stuff arrived to day.

It's insane.

I've used the same divide and conquer method I put into place when my mum sent me that box of goodies a little while ago. I have a carrier bag with a Smarties Easter Egg, a 6 pack of Cadbury Creme Eggs, a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs, and a pack of Fry's Turkish Delight (a gift for my friend who mentioned she loved it) in it to go to school tomorrow. And a whole crap load of other stuff left.

I had a bad moment when I said "ooooh, chocolate HobNobs! I forgot I ordered you!" and then shoved one straight in my mouth before stopping to think, but luckily I came to my senses before the rest of the tube followed suit. It's now tucked away behind the baked beans. I separated the milk chocolate Lindor truffles into baggies of 3 (220kcals per bag) and put them in the freezer, along with half the king-size Twix bar, a 9 bar multi-pack of Mars Bars (259kcals each - a 9 pack! What was I thinking?!), and baggied portions of mini eggs. I also have a box of Cherry Bakewell Tarts that I'm researching online to see if they can freeze too. If I can't I'll save one for myself and take the rest into school for some teachers.

I look at it now and it kind of amazes me what I ordered, and how much! I have non-sweet things like deodorant, two tins of baked beans, onion sauce, sardine and tomato paste, things I seem to remember wanting, but I was really putting in my basket to make it look like I was legitimately shopping rather than just binging.

Final tally for eating was half a king-size Twix bar (208kcals), one chocolate HobNob biscuit (92kcals), and a single Lindor Truffle (79kcals). This puts me at 155kcals over for the day, but I haven't exercised yet so that's fine.

I don't think being under calories will be a problem for a while?

Oddly, I'm actually feeling kind of good right now. Not panicked like I was when it arrived at least. I feel in control of myself, happy that I dealt with this rationally, and able to include a portion of these sweets with my eating each day sensibly. Remind me of this if it all goes pear shaped 'kay?

And Hello Monday Morning...

Scale, why the 105.4kg this morning huh? I thought we'd moved past this, you only do these things to hurt me.

Actually, I kind of expected it. Perversely my calories were low enough yesterday that I expected little bump up (I ate in the 1500 range, which meant after exercise I as looking at just over 1000). This, coupled with needing a couple more hours sleep this morning, was bound to show up on the scale today. No worries though, it just means I get to focus on eating more today, which I'll admit I'm not overly put out with.

The lesson went OK, so that's one thing off my mind, but I have another to plan for Wednesday with the new first years which is proving difficult. I hate meetings to decide things here, everything is so pointless. We met to decide a lesson topic and plan out some lesson activities, nearly two hours later we've achieved maybe 20 minutes worth of activities and no topic. In the end I said I'd think of something to do for the rest of the lesson just to get out of there. I find the Japanese inability to make a decision so frustrating I cannot tell you. I also have a lesson with my less genki third years tomorrow (that I'm not sure is going to go so well) and then I start my round of first year lessons Wednesday (thanks for the notice teacher-dudes! It would have been in no way much easier for me had you told me a couple of weeks ago that I'd be teaching). Basically I'm not particularly loving this week, which is a little stressful.

The weather has gone into gloomy overcast mode. This is because the rainy season is about to move in, to be followed by God-forsaken heat/humidity. Obviously something to look forward to.

Err, I intended this post to be far less whiny, apparently I've got stuff on my mind. I keep chugging along though, I got my exercise in last night as per usual, and my water levels have been awesome lately.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just a quickie

I spent the day first avoiding, and then finally actually doing, my lesson plans for tomorrow. I've had an odd, almost-anxious feeling in my stomach this weekend because I really wanted to be done and set up for tomorrow morning before I left on Friday, but then the teacher said the lesson plan was too difficult. That means that I have to be up extra early tomorrow so that I can get to school early and do all my photocopying etc.

I'll keep this short because I want to get to bed at a reasonable time and I still have to do my biking before bed. I think I'm going to hate having a lesson first period Monday morning this year, but at least it's with my reasonably genki class. I knew it was bothering me when I left school on Friday (which up until the late afternoon had been a really good day) wanting to eat crunchy things. I didn't want food, I wasn't hungry or craving anything, I just wanted the feeling of crunchy things in my mouth. It didn't amount to anything (which at the time didn't feel at all note-worthy, but looking back at it now should be noted for the fact that I didn't note it as time for a binge. Err, everyone still with me?) and I eventually worked out my frustrations on the bike, but I'm still kind of at a low level dread. If the teacher doesn't like any of my plan then there is zero time to fix it so I suppose that's tough. I've also got a busy (for me anyway) first half of the week so I'd like to get that over with and return to my regularly scheduled programming.

Crap, it's getting later, talk to you all tomorrow!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Weigh In

Well, what an unexpected week. Looking back at last Saturday when I was coming off a bad week and a gain, I thought I would spend this week battling to get back into the 106's and anguishing over this stupid fucking plateau again.

Not so!

Weight today: 105.2kg/231.4lb!
Difference: 2.2kg/4.8lb

I am utterly shocked! It's taken me months of going back and forth to even start flirting with the 106s, so to finally get through them comfortably, and not only that but to almost skip the 105s all together, is completely unexpected and absolutely amazing. I makes me feel like progress isn't impossible anymore, as positive as I've tried to stay there's been times when it has been really difficult.

Friday, April 17, 2009


"Your face look very slender" one of my adult students said to me today. I assure you my face is not at all slender, but it's nice that they can see the difference, however slight.

I love my adult class, they're always so happy to have me there. One of them brought me back some chocolate as a souvenir from Spain. I thanked her profusely, but threw them away once I got home because I could just see myself munching my way through the whole 200g bag tonight. There were no calories listed on the packet, but you don't have to be a Nobel prize winner to realise that it wouldn't have been pretty. I love getting things and it's so nice of them to think of me though, I must remember to tell her that I enjoyed them next time.

I haven't done my exercise yet (I'm feeling kind of blah about it, but I'll get myself to suck it up and go for it after I've finished typing. After all, who can resist moving to the dulcet tones of Grease 2?) but my calories are on course and the scale has been merciful thus far. Not to jinx myself, but I'm rather looking in to weigh in tomorrow. I think moving my WI day to Saturday was one of my better ideas, I much prefer being able to sleep in before it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I did it! (knock wood)

I woke up this morning at 105.6kg and Oh My how good it feels to see a new number. I'm celebrating internally but trying not to jinx it as everything feels a little fragile right now. The test will be to see if I can keep the momentum or if it's just a bump down. I've gone back and forth over the same two kilos so much in the last three months that I'm trying not to get overly excited until I can be sure.

I have a lesson first thing tomorrow morning (note to self: don't be late) so I've spent most the day planning it out and making sure everything is organised/prepped/printed/photocopied, that way I can just go straight up to the classroom when I get in and know that everything is waiting for me. It'll be nice to go home and not have any last minute details still left to do hanging over my head.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I was still 106 this morning, bah. I hope a slightly better nights sleep might rectify that though. I had a choice of getting an extra hour sleep and it maybe making a difference, or getting up and having time to cook my lunch and eat my breakfast. Given that no breakfast/lunch has a tendency to turn into over-eating in the evening or visits to the temptation store at lunch, I went with the latter. Now that it's nearly lunch time and I'm having some hunger rumbles, I'm definitely glad I did. It will also mean that my dinner is ready for me when I get home because I made enough for two meals (minus and veg I'll have to cook that is) so it's shaping up to be a good day.

Work has been fairly productive today too. It's the beginning of the school year here so we're all setting things up and planning new lessons. I'm giving the language Lab a bit of a makeover and trying to involve myself in more things. We've started a monthly English poster (explaining western holidays and other special days etc) to replace the ALT mailbox that no one ever used, and I'm trying to keep myself organised with the third year lessons this time around. The fact that they have no textbook or curriculum (English is an elective in the third year) makes things vague and a little stressful, but I've got a much better teacher this year and she seems to be open to more ideas. This is the first year I've had two classes though, usually the third year group is small enough that we just have one, so balancing the lessons in the schedule is a little tricky. I don't want one class to get too far behind or ahead, and they have so many special days here that I have to be careful not to plan out a two or three lesson activity only to find that the Golden Week holidays are in the middle of it.

There's an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal right now called 'Why That Big Meal You Just Ate Made You Hungry', it's worth a read.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So close

The sun has gone for a nap, leaving us with a wet and overcast day. Yesterday ended really well with weights and biking all done. My calories have been quite high (they usually are on a Tuesday, but more so today) meaning I've almost used all of them up, so whatever I choose for dinner will have to be quite light I think.

Luckily I exercise in the afternoon/evening, so I'm not counting calories burned into my numbers yet. That will give me a little more freedom, but I don't want to eat anything too heavy because I'm so close to breaking into a new number (knock wood!).

I have a little NSV too; I'm sitting here at school in the jeans I bought from alloy because I tried them on yesterday and they fit! When I bought them the legs were fine but my waist was too tight, so even if the scale is moving slowly at least that's something.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, I really want to see a new number tomorrow.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Morning all

It's a bit earlier than I usually update (at least on this side of the world), but I set my alarm for 6am and actually got up after the first snooze alarm, instead of letting it ring intermittently while I dozed until 7:30. I wanted to cook my lunch because I forgot to thaw out my chicken last night so I couldn't do it then, and I'm really trying to make an effort to pack lunches for school. It didn't take as long as I thought it would though, so I'm sitting here having eaten my cereal and smoothie, packed a healthy lunch of diced chicken breast and green bell pepper sauteed in Mexican fajita spices (and snacks of cherry tomatoes and a yogurt covered raisin/almond mix), and drunk 3 cups of water, feeling a little bemuse that have this time on my hands. Except yeah, I suppose I should probably get dressed at some point instead of playing on my computer. Who knows, I may shock my teachers by being on time. I did a good chunk of my laundry yesterday so I should have some choice in what to wear today which is nice.

The scale had a slight bounce up today, but it was to be expected so it hasn't bothered me. I always weigh in really lightly after TOM, but that fact that it only went up by 0.2 makes me feel quite good. Will I just jinx myself again if I start getting excited about the possibility of maybe seeing 105. something this week (quick! Everyone knock wood for me!)?

Okay, I'd better go get ready before I get so wrapped up in having all this time that I've wasted it and end up late anyhow.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

What a difference a day makes! An appropriate time for a rebirth.

I know it's the day after my period is finished so it's my lightest day, but I'll admit to letting out a little squee of happiness when I saw the numbers this morning.

Yesterday went really well, I was completely on plan for food and did both my bikes and the weights. The warm but not stifling weather continues. So far today is shaping up to be just as good. I have a mountain of laundry to do, I've been putting it off, but I'll get a good bulk of it done today. I started my morning with another smoothie and cereal combo, but I think I'll have to limit my smoothies to a couple a week as the fresh ingredients (the strawberries in particular) are so expensive. I don't really like the taste of frozen strawberries, but maybe in a smoothie it would be OK? I'll check out price and if it turns out to be much cheaper I may give it a shot.

The Doctor Who special should (hopefully) be available via torrent at some point today so that's something fun to look forward to.

Hope all of your weekends are shaping up to be great!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday WI: Okay, really back now

My body chemistry seems to have righted itself and I woke up this morning wanting to take care of me. I had trouble finding the right bus out of crazy town, I didn't understand the currency and I used the wrong verbs, but I'm here now so it's all OK.

Yesterday I could feel things losing their grip a little, I cleaned out some of the rooms in my apartment and localized the mess in the others. I did my dishes. I cleaned off the table in the kitchen (which is the only workspace I have in there so it drives me a little crazy when it's dirty).

I've mentioned before that you can tell my frame of mind from my apartment, this is true. You can also tell from my garbage. If it look like compost then things are great, if it needs sorting from recycling things are not. All the bad stuff I fall back on when I binge comes in plastic containers.

This morning (err... afternoon, I woke up at gone 1pm) I weighed myself even though I didn't want to. I knew I would have a gain and I didn't want to be back where I started at the beginning of this year. I think seeing 110kgs would have killed me. I even had an excuse, I'm still on my period and I don't tend to weigh in during that because it drives me mad and isn't accurate, but honestly it's the last day so I'm not holding on to much water anymore. If I had ignored the weigh in I think it would have been easy to slip back into the habits of this week until the next weigh in loomed. So here are the numbers:

Weight: 107.4/236.2lbs
Difference: +0.8kg

It's nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be so I'm feeling OK. I really let exercise fall to the wayside this week so my goal for the next week is to get back to my 100km. I bought a cheap heart rate monitor, so that should be fun to use.

Spring has sprung (again) in my Japan, and the cherry blossoms coupled with my mosquito bikes make me think it's here for good this time. I started my day with a shower to cool off (my apartment holds the heat easily), opened all the windows, and made a really refreshing smoothie (one small banana, 8 strawberries, ice, a splash of milk) to eat with my bran-flake cereal.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Lookie what's airing in the UK on Saturday! I'm so happy it's nearly time for this.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm having trouble with my eating right now. I was absolutely fine Monday, but then binged last night. I didn't yesterday exercise either, my knees were hurting and I was feeling too full from the excess food to think of going for a ride. Checking back on med help I realised that I'm due my period, so that may explain it, but still I hate this feeling.

I've been drinking water all day because I woke up with the worst case of dry mouth ever and it hasn't gone away yet.

Monday, April 6, 2009


This weekend was a complete orgy of food. It would seem that while I can keep tot he line at home, and control myself for a meal or two, a 3 day weekend (I ended up staying the extra day after all) with none of my tools and all my meals eaten out (my friend doesn't cook. Period.) was too much to ask of myself. Friday started with over-eating at the 100 yen revolving sushi place, and Sunday ended with McDonald's and Mr. Donuts.

It was completely a case of being out of my own surroundings and taking advantage of the fact. I'm home now and will spend the day doing damage control with food and exercise.

My play-list seemed to pick up on my feelings and turned its shuffle function to the cause.

Sometimes it’s gonna be days like this
Sometimes it’s gonna be rain like this
Sometimes your gonna feel pain like this
Sometimes you gotta work hard for it

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sat weigh i- wait, no

Ok, I'm off to a wedding a little later on in Yokkaichi. That means I'll be away from the scale tomorrow, so I'm giving today's weight as my weekly weigh in instead.

Weight: 106.6kg/234.5lbs
Weight last week: 107.4/236.2lbs
Difference: -0.8kg/1.7lbs
Exercise: 100km on my bike, weights twice this week

Not huge but not terrible, I definitely need to start incorporating weights more next week though. I got into the 106's, which is good, but I don't trust it. I've been going back and forth between 106.6 and 107 for the last 4 days.

I'm going to very quickly get on my bike for 10km (I don't really have time to do more and still get ready to catch the train). Food tomorrow and Saturday will be eaten completely out, and I don't think I'll have access to the plate to log it, but we'll see. Depending on what time I get home Saturday (if I come home Saturday, I may stay until Sunday?) then Sat. might be a rest day.

Yesterday got better as the day went on, I achieved quite a lot at work which put me in a better mood. I finished the day on calories and exercised.

Got to go get ready! Have a good weekend, I'll try and take some good pictures.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

In the naughty corner

My body is punishing me for taking a rest day yesterday by going back up to 107kg. Seeing that number again just makes me want to smack my head up a brick wall.

And Oh! The planning that didn't happen today! Lunch, unmade! Breakfast, uneaten! (obviously this is going to make me feel great in a couple of hours time). I have two bananas in my bag, and a portion of raisin/almond mix, so snacks are covered.

I just feel like going back to bed, it's one of those days. And worse, I can't even look forward to a lazy weekend because I'm going to Yokkaichi for my friend's wedding, so will spend Saturday night sleeping on someones floor.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The numbers are in

My official monthly start weigh in this morning put me at 106.6kg, for a loss of just 0.8kg in March. It really surprises me that I'm losing so slowly considering how much work I'm putting in. But then, on the other hand, I was really pleased that I saw 106.6 again, especially after yesterday. What a difference exercise can make.

I intended to go out for lunch so didn't pack anything, but then that didn't happen so I'm kind of hungry right now. I had bran-flakes with banana for breakfast, and an almond/yogurt covered raisin mix for my morning snack though, so I'm feeling good about the food I've eaten so far. It's been a very quiet day as all the teachers have been in meetings so I haven't had much else to distract me. I wish I could go home but there are two new English teachers starting today, so I have to wait until 3pm to be introduced to them.