Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Working through it

I still feel crappy, but I did 15km on my bike yesterday and I'm really glad I did. As always the first 5km were hard, harder than most because I was feeling so woolly-headed, but once I got past the hump it started to feel good! My sinuses started to clear so I didn't want to stop (sadly, they re-blocked practically the moment I had finished). Overnight I developed a hoarse cough and the beginnings of an eye infection from over-wearing my contact lenses, I had to wear glasses and no make-up to school which left me feeling radiant as always.

Not that we've spent much time in school really, today was the closing ceremony before Spring break (they finish their school year in March here so it's a big deal) and no the school grounds are crawling with junior high kids who will be starting here in a couple of weeks. Typically on these days the rules of when you come and go are very lax, so the other ALT and I took a long lunch and met up with some friends at the castle ruins. It's a gorgeous sunny day (if still a little chilly). I also went and put my dress in for alterations just in case the others don't show up in time, and we're going to head to the bigger out of town mall after school to pick some shoes.

Calories today will be a little on the heavier side as I had my usual lunch out and may now be having Korean Bibimbap for dinner at the mall. I'll drink water and do my best to get in a bit more distance than usual on the bike though if I can.


Mama Bear June said...

So sorry you feel so crappy! Hope you are better soon.
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