Thursday, March 26, 2009

Work it out

I still have the cold that never ends, am now slightly less congested but it's moved into my chest, leaving me constantly short of breath. Not fun in the twelfth kilometer of a 15k bike ride I can tell you. I'll just have to keep taking my inhaler handy, medicine stocked, and wait for it to pass.

I was reading this article on exercising smart (rather than just hard) and knowing the best exercises for your body shape (I'm a spoon), and it has me thinking about changing my exercise routine. I've noticed that even though I'm getting smaller I'm not really losing around my hips, it makes me think the information has merit, and I don't want to exaggerate my already hefty bottom half. With that in mind I'm thinking of lowering the intensity on my bike (which I've been upping every 100k) back down to the lowest level, and just focus on how far I'm going and keeping up a faster speed. Right now I'm quite slow, 15k takes me about 43 minutes on intensity level 6.

My upper half is also preposterously weak, I ordered a couple of adjustable free weights last night and am going to add them into my daily routine. It would be nice to tone up my arms and build up the strength a little, I hate the flabby way they are now. There are demo videos available online so I'm going to use them, I wish I had someone here who knows what they're doing to show me, but I don't so I'll have to just focus on trying not to hurt myself.

I was panicking last night because I seemed to have misplaced the white shrug I ordered to go with the dress for the wedding (er.. assuming it ever arrives). Luckily I got into school this morning and it was in a bag in the LL room, I must have left it there by accident on Tuesday. Oh, the relief.

One of my adult class students called me yesterday to tell me that after our lesson on Friday we will be having a 'dinner party' (i.e. going out for a meal together) so not to eat dinner before I go to class. Doh! It's not what I'll be eating, I can plan calories for that, it's how late I'll be doing it. Class doesn't end until 8:30, which means dinner that dinner won't be until about 9pm at the earliest. The day before weigh in too! I'm already having trouble breaking through this weight barrier, things like this don't help. I can't refuse either, they're all grandmother/grandfather types who love having me go to things with them, saying no is like kicking a puppy or a small child.


Lora said...

Interesting article. I'm definately a spoon!