Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Water, water everywhere

I was washing up late night and couldn't figure out where all the water on my floor was coming from. At first I thought I had dripped some from the sponge or sloshed some over the edge while scrubbing, but as the puddle grew bigger I took a closer look and it turned out that the plastic piping tube that takes water from my sink through my cupboard to wherever it is water goes, had snapped. The water was no doing down my plug hole, into the cardboard box filled with cleaning supplies, soaking through to the base of the cupboard, and then pooling on the floor.

I called my supervisor, who called my rental company, who sent out one of their 24hr plumber service people. It was good because it meant that it got fixed that night instead of waiting for the next day, but by the time he left it was almost 9pm and I didn't want to eat a full meal. Instead of mabodofu I had a bowl of cereal with a banana, and then had some almonds after I'd finished biking before bed.

Ironically I didn't get enough water yesterday to drink, which is unusual for me. Despite hitting my calories very closely I was up slightly this morning (back to 107, the number haunts me), but I'd put that down to less water and natural fluctuations.