Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The plans to make lunch, they did not happen. I think secretly I kind of knew I wouldn't get up in time this morning, but I was tired and my will to sleep outweighed my will to make lunch. The will to sleep is strong in this one. My weight is continuing to rise. I can only hope my period is closer than I thought.

I'm still exercising as much as possible, I'm aiming to go for 30km tonight. I'll try and do in in one sitting if I can, but I may have to break it up into two. It will put me over my goal for this week already! Things have definitely frayed on the eating front and I'm feeling quite bad about it, but if there is one thing I feel proud of so far this month so far it's that I have followed through on using my bike. If I don't exercise one day it doesn't feel right, I think it's starting to become a habit. I think maybe it's because I watch TV while I'm biking, I don't have to carve time out my schedule because I can enjoy doing other things at the same time.

I bought a big 2 liter bottle of water when I went to convenience store to get lunch, so my water should be well on track today at least. I think I was right yesterday when I said I was thinking of going back to phase one for a while, I will start it again tomorrow. It will mean a little more planning on my part but I think it will be worth it.


Hanlie said...

It's so hard to always keep all the balls in the air... Worth it, but hard. The biggest lesson we can learn is not to be upset with ourselves when we drop a ball. Well done, you ARE doing great!