Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Paying the price

Holy throat eating acid Batman! I was woken up by it about 3:15am (in other news, being woken up two nights in a row because my body hates me makes for a Cranky!Idiot) and of course I don't have any medicine to help it. My dad collapsed once when he was in Paris with my mum and had to be rushed to hospital (in a fire engine, there was a bit of a language barrier) because his kidneys were blocked from all the Tums he would take. I've been a little leery of using products like that since. I got up (being upright makes it less easy for the acid to make it's way up your throat than when you're horizontal) and drank some water. After some waiting it got a little better and I went to sleep propped up with pillows, but I woke up this morning with it still bothering me.

I haven't had this problem for a while. I used to get it a lot, especially if I ate Pringles for some reason? But now it's something that tends to rear it's ugly head only when I haven't been taking are of what I put in my mouth. I suppose I should be surprised that it hasn't happened before now given what I've been eating for the last week.

One positive to come out of it though was that it spurred me back to daily plate to start logging my food again this morning, and is an incentive to eat properly as I really don't feel too good today. I have my bean chili and chocolate pudding cup for dinner, string cheese and peanut butter (err, not together) for snacks. There was supposed to be an apple too, but I left it on my kitchen table this morning. My new lunch box is so cute! I forgot my camera so you'll have to wait on the picture.


Lauren said...

I hope you are feeling better. You've inspired me BTW, I just bought a bike for my apartment and used it this morning. Now it's 10 am and I'm sleepy, but it's all good.