Thursday, March 5, 2009

Okay, here we go

Yesterday was 50/50 in the 'get back on track' food category. One one hand, I didn't go to the market and buy a load of bread-y/sugary/fried food to binge on, on the other I did at a bit too much, and had quite a lot of potato at dinner (my friend came over and we had cottage pie) so that was quite heavy.

I saw an completely unacceptable number on the scale this morning, just over 110kg! Part of that is real weight because my eating was so messed up this week, but I'm hoping some of it is water. I'm toying with the idea of saying 'forget the scale' and just focusing on exercising every day and eating properly, but I think it's just because I don't like what the scale is saying. I think coming off the scale for a while might make things worse because I'll start telling myself 'well, I'm exercising, so I should eat whatever I want' whereas the scale gives me a kick in the ass when needed. It demoralizing to look at now, but possibly a necessary evil.

In better news I look like I'm on track to complete this weeks target for my distance. I have two days to go 35km, which should be fine. I may get some of it out the way after finishing this.

From now until the end of March I'm doing to try to go back to how I was eating before. This means a little higher on the protein, wholegrain carbohydrates (during the day only) and no carbs at dinner (so I'm not sleeping while trying to digest them). The service section of the supermarket is once again off limits (I've been so lazy this week!). I just have to remind myself how much better I feel when I'm eating right, both physically and mentally.


Lauren said...

It's tough to see old numbers on the scale when you're used to seeing new, lower numbers. The seat on my bike is much bigger than the one on my outside bikes were. I'm going to go looking for an outside bike today. I live pretty close to my school but it will be good to use it for getting around my area.

ani pesto said...

Allow yourself to take credit for some great choices there. I reckon you did a whole lot better than 50/50.

Great work with your cycling. That number will be history again soon.

Anonymous said...

There's always going to be some bumps on the road. Don't worry about it and keep going! Binge eating is hard to deal with, you're doing a great job not throwing in the towel! <3

Wei Sic Meow said...

If you catch it early it might not stick around too long. Are you on South Beach? Is it an option to do a week or two on phase 1 just for that extra kick?

Good job on the mileage though!