Friday, March 6, 2009

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step

I'm happy to report that yesterday I finally managed to have a clean day eating. I also made a beef and aubergine stir-fry for my lunch today (and remembered to bring it to school - even better!), I'm very much looking forward to it. I logged everything too, that's a habit I'm definitely trying to get back in to.

I took the day off work yesterday in the aftermath of my extremely acidic body (seriously, it's been bad before, but never that bad) so I had more times on my hands. I managed to get a bit more sleep and I did two sessions on my bike (one before lunch, one after dinner) which brought me to my weekly target of 100km. I'll get more in tonight because I don't want to break my every day exercise rule, so I'll be over for the week. This means I can move up to the next resistance number next week. Looking at that sentence makes me think of that Buffy episode when she does good work at university and is asked to lead a discussion group, "wait, that means more work right? Shouldn't there be a better reward system, like a cookie or something?"

Question: how is it possible that over the last week and a half I have binged numerous times and gained a significant amount of weight, and yet my jeans fit me better? It's like magic? It can't be muscle gain/weight, not after this short amount of time.

TGIF! Having to come to school last Sunday for the graduation ceremony made this the longest week ever.

EDIT: Doh! My friend wants to give me my invitation to her wedding so she wants to meet me for dinner and I feel churlish refusing so I'm going out to dinner tonight, BAH!


Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

Glad you're back on track with eating and zipping along on the bike!

Could you arrange to meet your friend for somthing other than dinner? I usually suggest McD's or somewhere I can get a Diet Coke (not healthy, but not as bad as Chicken Parmigiana.*G*)

Have a great weekend!

SeaShore said...

The jeans? Yeah, it's the exercise! I notice that mine are getting baggy in the seat and looser in the leg, although my losses lately have been 1/2 lb or less!