Tuesday, March 17, 2009


In all the worry that the dress I ordered for my friend's wedding would be too small, I never stopped to consider it would be too big! APPARENTLY THIS WAS A MISTAKE! I've been frantically looking through eBay for something else in a different size and hoping that it gets here in time, which means I've just spent a lot more money than I wanted to, but I couldn't see any other choices? ARGH!

I'm going to try and get it taken in just in case the other things don't arrive, but I'm not sure how that will look. It's worth a try anyhow.

I haven't been feeling the exercise vibe the last couple of days. I've been doing my 10km, but not enthusiastically. The upped resistance has been difficult (less in a satisfying, challenging way, and more in 'ugh, biking?' way) so I've found it hard to really look forward to it. It seemed surprisingly easy today though. I got a good workout but didn't hate it. Maybe I've adjusted for this week? Maybe I'm speaking too soon? Guess I'll see.

I ate some, er, 'poorly thought out' snacks at school (two cream puffs and half a bag of Doritos's, about... 600 calories I'd estimate). We were at school quite late so after eating them I wasn't hugely hungry when I got home, and decided to leave off with dinner.


Amy said...

can you take it to a tailor?

Anonymous said...

How about retouching the dress?

ani pesto said...

I know it's not helping the immediate dress situation but way to go on the size you thought you were being too big. I hope somewhere inside that felt good.

I'm sure taking it in should work just fine, from the picture the lines look quite manageable - amazing what good seamstresses can do. Good luck with it.

Michelle said...

Hey, its partly good news eh? :D

Hope you manage to find something to wear though!