Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Come hell or high water

Still here and still eating. That should be a negative thing (and is, really) but all is not lost. I promised myself this month that I was going to exercise every day, and so even though I binged again today, even though I spent the evening cleaning up one and a half rooms in my apartment (and the rest is still a mess), and even though I'm kind of tired, at 11:45pm I got on my bike and did 10km.

Everything is going to be OK. Food is bring difficult right now, but I have lunch ready for tomorrow and a friend coming for dinner. She wanted to go to the Indian place near me, but I said no because I ate out so much last week and Indian food is quite heavy. Instead we're going to go to the supermarket and I'll make something (I might have sashimi?). Tomorrow I am going to eat on plan, and I'm going to keep biking. As long as I can keep just one thread unbroken in all this it will stop me from unraveling.


Cammy said...

That's the spirit! So often we have an 'all or nothing' mentality. Fall off the diet? Okay, stop exercising, drinking water, hoping, dreaming, etc. One almost-rickety wheel doesn't have to stop the bus. Keep going!