Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I was reading a food blog I frequent and they posted a recipe for Apple, Maple, and Yogurt cake. I decided to do a little baking and it turned out great!



I love baking, and cooking in general, but it's difficult here. My kitchen is equipped with a two burner gas stove top, and a microwave that doubles as a convection oven (and that's it!). I usually have trouble getting the texture I want in my cakes when I'm using the convection oven, I end up with a thicker crust on top and it doesn't cook evenly.

It wasn't a problem with this cake though. It cooked evenly, and was really moist. I think it would keep well.

I say 'think' because the cake was so not bad that I ate half of it, and therefore will not need to test it's ability to withstand storage. Oops. I cut up the rest of the cake for the teachers at school (which is what I intended to after the first slice), and packed it up. I still managed to stay within calories though! Before I ate it I had had muesli at breakfast and a small lunch, so the rest of my calories were taken up by it. Not the most nutritionally balanced moment of my life, but I could have just said 'screw this' and hit the supermarket. I've done 10km on my bike and am about to do another 10.

I'm hoping to meet my goals on the bike this week, but I'm thinking of possibly staying on level 5 next week too, give myself a bit more time to adjust. I'll have to see how I feel (and what my numbers are)on Saturday.


Chubby Chick said...

The cake looks so yummy and pretty!

Good for you for staying within your calorie limits!

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

I knew that thing was dangerous the instant I laid eyes on it. The drool hitting my lap was another clue. :)

Good for you for not waving the white flag!