Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another weekend ends

My apartment smells so good right now. I put some cubed pork loin, onions, and green beans into my slow cooker (it's been a while since I used it) and it's cooking now. I'll put some into my lunchbox tomorrow morning and take it to school with me. I can't figure out if I can microwave my main container yet, but I'm guessing from the look of the internal coating that I can't, so I'm hoping it will still be a little warm by lunch.

I'm within calories but it's been hard, I've had a snacking impulse riding me all day. I think maybe the smell of tomorrows casserole cooking isn't helping. I did 10km earlier today, and then 5km a little later. I had planned to do another 10 rather than 5, but as expected I'm finding the new resistance level a little difficult at the moment. The exercise has kept me within calorie limit (and I used a different calculator to judge how many I'd burned, so I think it's more accurate) but only just. I have just enough calories left for some peanut butter, which tends to help with the pangs.

I think I'll finish watching TV soon and get an early night, sleeping means I won't be eating, and a good night's sleep helps the numbers in the morning.