Monday, February 23, 2009


Food went as badly as I'd feared. I think I went in to it expecting to fail and so did, but there we go. Lunch was actually quite healthy (tempura excluded, but they were only small):
The box at the back contained tofu suspended in tofu liquid. It was lit underneath and then left for three to 5 minutes. Once the steam started rising you lifted out the brown bulge thing on top (it contained a sweet soy that had been warming as the tofu cooked) and poured the contents into a little bowl they gave your with spring onion slices and a little grated Japanese white radish (daikon). Then you scooped out the warm tofu, put it in the bowl and ate it. To the left of the box is a bowl of rice with pickle garnishes. The three boxes at the front are sashimi (raw fish) with a soy dipping sauce and wasabi, in the middle there was tempura (one shrimp, a little pepper, a slice of pumpkin, and a cube of aubergine), and on the right there is a bowl of dipping broth for the tempura pieces.

Despite the reasonable lunch I was snacking all day, and then dinner was at a Japanese/Italian place so it was a lot of cheesy white sauce and white pasta. It was also eaten quite late so that didn't help matters. As you can see in the sidebar I was up on the scale this morning, but I think that's a least partly false, brought on by the soy, the eating carbs late, and drinking less water.

On the plus side we were walking all day. We went to Nijo Castle and looked around the building and the gardens. The plum (ume) blossoms were just beginning to bloom

We also went to Kiyomizu-dera, a famous shrine in Kyoto and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto (Kyoto, Uji and Otsu Cities). It's also at the top of a BIG F'ING HILL/MOUNTAIN!



Almost finished (note the steps)

There we go!

So in summary; the day was good, the food mostly not. At least it's over now. I can do my own thing today so it will be healthy and biking will be done. 1 event down, 3 to go!


Lauren said...

You look fantastic. said...

That's a lot of steps. Great pictures!

Best wishes to you.

ani pesto said...

Wow what a fabulous sounding day. I'd love to get to Japan one day and experience some of that. I only just acquired my taste for sushi in the last few months... never had a problem with tempura funnily enough ;-) How long are you expecting to be there for?

That hill's got to have been worth a fair few calories - yikes!

Doc Manette said...

Looked at you ...!!! Too cute girl!

Eeek to climbing those stairs.

SeaShore said...

What a lovely picture of you in front of the blossoms.