Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'll have a positive attitude. Next week.

Slightly up again this morning, which leaves me back at 108 again. I was hoping the fact that I just managed to stay within calories and drank all my water would mean I would at the very least stay the same, but it would seem not. I did 10km on my bike last time and really pushed myself to do it faster, so I got a good workout.

Dinner out again tonight (sigh), then a clean day tomorrow and Weigh In Friday morning.There is no way I'm going to make my 100km, so I'll have to go for it next week.

This whole week makes me a little sad, all my effort seems so fruitless. I can't wait until it's over.


Chubby Chick said...

Awww... don't feel bad. You efforts are NOT fruitless! Everything that you're doing to gain better health and lose weight WILL add up!

Doc Manette said...

Loved the title of your post - I'm at the library and had a little out-loud giggle.

Hang in there.

ani pesto said...

Just what Chubby said... no effort is fruitless, it's all building up to help towards where you need to go.

Hang in there. You're doing so well.

Dottie said...

Hang in there! You can do it. Some weeks will be a little rough, but we can do this!

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

Girl, you exercised. That means you didn't give up all the way. Yes, it's very disheartening to see the numbers go up, and I HAVE seen them go up this year. I've gained 8 pounds since Jan 1. How sucky is that?

But I have to press on and you will press on and we'll both...have a better attitude. :)

The P

new*me said...

think positive.........find something good to focus on ---------you are alive and full of incredible life! Happy Friday!

SeaShore said...

All of this effort you're putting in will show up on the scale, just maybe not when you want it to. Eating out really takes its toll (in sodium especially), but it's only temporary.