Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Hypothesis

Yesterday I just (just!) ate within my calories, but nutritionally speaking the food was not good. I went to the supermarket meaning to get some chopped tomatoes to go in my dinner, and then decided to get some other things while I was there. I hadn't planned it to be a shopping trip proper, so I didn't have a list, which meant I had to meander around the store. I came home with many healthy things and a group of unhealthy but immediate things that I had for lunch.

Guys, I kid you not, I used my entire daily calorie budget on lunch. I bought home some more of those panko/sesame chicken tender things, some pieces of Inarizushi (pouches of fried tofu skin stuffed with white rice and topped with black sesame seeds), a white bread sandwich, and a pack of cheesecake doughnut balls. Cheesecake doughnut balls are the devil incarnate. They're balls of cheesecake, surrounded by a casing of what I can only describe as old fashioned cake doughnut? Delicious and awful for you.

Once I'd eaten it I didn't compound the problem by then eating a full dinner. I let it settle (it kept me full for the rest of the day), entered it all into the daily plate, which luckily had me going right up to the wire with my calories but not over, and then rode 15km on my bike. The extra calories from my bike ride meant I could have an omelet for dinner, followed by bed.

I got up this morning to put my weight into medhelp (I put my weight in regardless of what happens, the whole point is to mark the fluctuations) and was greeted with a loss of over a pound. The moral of this story? Sadly I don't think it's 'eat like a pig every day' but I do think I have to eat more, especially now I'm going to be adding exercise into the mix. It's easier now that I can have fruit and things, so I'm going to give it a try.

Plans for today: Have the dinner I was going to have yesterday, but make sure to eat lunch! Drink my water, and put up a picture of my bike display once I have finished cycling to show that I did it. Make enough dinner so that I can put some in my lunchbox for tomorrow.

(15.5 miles)

You know, continuing to bike is fine (I only intended to do 15km but I felt OK so I kept going), it's that moment when you stop and get off the bike that your legs croon 'noooo, we're broken' so pitifully.

Edit 2: Just did another 15km while watching TV. That's a total of 40km/25 miles.


Anonymous said...

Hi! thanks for all the suggestions for plus size shops! It's not that I don't know where do look in France, it's more that there's almost no choice! Typically I find way more stuff abroad, so I try online shopping. Also, I'm not American, my Mom is, but I'm as French as a croissant LOL

Lyn said...

I love the victory here, a series of small choices: to count the calories instead of ignoring them, to stop eating, to bike in compensation, to have a light dinner. Excellent post.

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

You know, having this thing in the middle of your living room may turn out to be a brilliant necessity. Maybe I should sell my couch and buy a recumbent. :)

Anonymous said...
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