Sunday, February 1, 2009

Huff Puff

I had trouble sleeping last night due to the wind that has been buffeting my poor little apartment for the last couple of days. Every time there is a gust the whole building creaks ominously, now I know how the first two little pigs felt.

Other than that the day went OK. Last night I cleaned properly. I cleared off the kitchen table of all it's junk and papers, and got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the edges of the lino floor where the vacuum/mop doesn't reach. Everything looks shiny and new now, it left me feeling really good.

A few people texted me to see if I wanted to go out, but all plans would have involved both eating out and spending money, two things I didn't really want to do, so I stayed in. I send my money home at the beginning of the month, so I have to be careful with my budgeting for the rest of it, meals out and the cinema (and the various train fares involved with them) were definitely not in the plan. With my recumbent bike purchase next month, an unexpected trip to Kyoto (though thankfully I'm being driven there instead of taking the train, but the day itself will involve certain expenses), and my friend's wedding in April (guests are expected to pay for the catering in Japanese weddings, plus the wedding gift is money) it's going to be an expensive couple of months. If I want to get through them and still send at least 100,000 yen home then I will have to be careful.

Food has been perfectly on plan today but my calories are still really low compared to what I should be eating (God knows how!), I'm working on it.


Human Microbiome Search Engine said...

You said: "... all plans would have involved both eating out and spending money, two things I didn't really want to do ..."

Yeah, I've been working on changing those two things in my life. I was amazed at how much less money I spent last month by eating out less and ordering fewer food deliveries.

SuMarie said...

Where are you originally from? I am in the same boat when it comes to eating out and spending money. I am trying to buy a house this year and need every extra penny for a down payment.

Doc Manette said...

I'm very impressed how you have tightened the belt, a lesson I must learn at middle age! Ugh.