Saturday, February 28, 2009


Ok. I'm here.

The week from hell is over.

On Wednesday I lost my inhaler. I still haven't been able to find it, and it means I haven't been working out because I need it after I bike. Trying not to let it rattle me I took Thursday off work so I could go to the English speaking doctor in Taki. The train going there is really irregular so I planned to get there on a train before the bigger gap in the schedule. That all went to plan, unfortunately it turned out that the Doctor was closed Thursday afternoons so I got stuck at the station waiting for two and a half hours. I took a walk down the road while I was waiting (it's the smallest local station you can imagine) and found a supermarket to kill time.

Frustrated by my week, what was to come, the fact that I wasn't going to be able to exercise until I get this inhaler thing sorted, the fact that I've had a weird pain in my foot that's been making it difficult to move around easily, and just general sadness, I began to eat. And didn't stop until this morning.

Ironically, had I kept my head, the buffet on Friday would have been fine. There were some quite delicious healthier options, and had I stuck to tea like I had planned and hadn't binged before hand I would have been totally fine. Instead I binged all of Thursday and Friday, and drank an orange juice and 5 fuzzy navels (orange juice and peach liqueur) before walking to karaoke stone cold sober. I now remember why I don't drink, it's just not worth the effort vs calorie expenditure. Unless I'm doing shooters, within a sort time span, it takes too much effort to get drunk.

I woke up this afternoon extremely dehydrated, but with a certain sense of perspective. It's been a bad week. But really, the only completely unsalvageable days were Thursday/Friday, and that was down to my binge reflex, not the social activities. It seems I failed on my goal 'don't freak out' after all.

I'm not putting up what my weight was this morning, it's embarrassing and probably wasn't accurate due to the late night drinking/eating. On Thursday (before The Madness) I was 107.4. That is what I'm putting up and that is at least where I'm hoping to be before my first March Weigh In. For all my uncontrolled behavior over the last few days, I had a really good month. Looking at the numbers I really didn't lose much for the months effort, but I gained quite a lot mentally, and Freak Out's aside I would count that as a good thing.

This was my weight tracker for the last month:

Every blip tends to have a reason that I either wrote (binge, eat out), or noted (TOM). The worst I did outside of those days was to not lose overnight. I've got a system that works for me here, I need to stick to it.

I'm going to start exercising again this week. If it puts too much pressure on my chest then I'll have to dial it back, but I'm going to try. Hopefully I can sort getting to the doc next week. I didn't even nearly make my distance goals this week so I'm restarting the resistance 3 level.

This week: +0.6kg/1.3lbs

March starting weight: 107.4kg/236.3 (-2.4kg/5.3lbs)

Goals for the next week: Exercise, eat at home at much as possible, drink all my water, make lunches for school.


Wei Sic Meow said...

Sorry to hear you had such a bad time and you're feeling sad. As you know, the damage is probably only temporary though, and nothing is undoable so don't lose heart. Your charts are generally heading in the right direction so concentrate on that.

I hope you get the inhaler situation sorted soon.

Cammy said...

Here's hoping you're back on track! You were on such a great roll there and a bad couple of days don't have to predict the future.

Suggestion? I'm a big proponent of making the actual weight, regardless if the reason for it, or maybe *because* of the reason for it. The binge happened, and it's over. NOT recording the aftermath doesn't undo it. Instead, it makes it something to be ashamed of. And it's not. You're human, and it's just one moment in time that's likely gone (or mostly gone) by now anyway if you're back on track.

That's my $0.02USD worth, offered at no charge to you. :)