Thursday, February 19, 2009

Everything feels possible

A good session on the bike yesterday, even though I didn't go as far as Tuesday I still managed 15km. I have to go at least 15km tonight and tomorrow to be sure I make my target, but I can do more if I feel capable.

I had a good day in general yesterday actually, I spent all morning actively looking forward to getting home and working out! The bitter cold eased off a little around lunch time (though, sadly, it's back now), putting me in a good mood. I didn't have any classes so I marked some workbooks that needed doing and prepared my classes for today, then took 2 hours vacation time and went home early. I had a momentum going from the things I had done at work and was worried that if I sat there and stagnated for the afternoon I wouldn't want to do anything by the time I left. At home I got two of my four rooms cleaned (the kitchen and living room - where I spend most my time) so it's not driving me crazy anymore, and did my 15km while watching 'The Sound of Music'.

I made dinner, and wrapped up the leftovers in two sprouted wheat tortillas, so I have those for lunch today. I was feeling peckish around 8pm and was going to have a bowl of muesli, but I weighed myself first and noticed that I was only 0.2 kilos above where I was that morning (and my weight tends to drop overnight!), so instead of having the food in my stomach while I was sleeping I held out and went to bed early. When I got up my weight was down to under my 'official' weight last week, so I feel really glad that I didn't give in and eat anything.

Now that I'm below my weigh in, I really want to show a good loss on Saturday. I'm hoping if I hit the bike hard tonight and tomorrow, and keep my water up (it's been going well so far) that I'll be able to get into the 106s. It would be nice to have at least a kilo lost.


Mary said...

I'm jealous of your energy level! I never find time and motivation to cook for myself, even though I know I could be saving and eating a lot healthier. Good work on the bike too!! Gotta look up to you.

Mary said...

Ditto with doing the bike while you're focused on something else. I read a book on the bike (or watch Jap TV shows on the gym bike) and time just wheezes by :>

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

Keep it up and you'll do just fine! No matter what the scale says, you've had a great week!

ani pesto said...

You are doing fantastically with that bike, no kidding everything's possible. Great job :-)