Monday, February 2, 2009

Decisions, decisions

I took some fish out the freezer for lunch today, then cooked it up this morning and put it in my lunchbox. One piece wouldn't fit in so I had it for breakfast instead of my usual eggs (I felt so Japanese having fish for breakfast!).

My problem is that now I'm hungry and thinking of lunch, I really don't want to eat it. The very thought of my lunch is making me go 'ugh'. I have to be in the mood to eat certain kinds of fish (this is mackerel) and apparently the mood has passed.

Which leads me to my second problem; I'm hungry. I want to go to the convenience store and get a sandwich, but a sandwich will mean white bread and do I really want that to happen? How big of an effect will it have on me? I'm worried that if it's OK to have a sandwich for lunch it will start me on a slippery slope where I start bargaining with myself at meal times. At the same time I know that I'm genuinely hungry, so while a sandwich is not on plan, it wouldn't be me binging alone in my apartment.

It makes me sad that something like the merits of eating a sandwich takes up so much space in my brain...

ETA: Eeeewwwww. I went to open my lunch and some of the oil from the fish had leaked an congealed in the bag. It made me feel sick to look at even, so I went to the store. I ended up getting a piece of chicken and some string cheese so I'm feeling pretty good. On one hand it was fried chicken, so that's not a great thing to be eating, but on the other it was basically 'on plan' for phase 1 and I didn't end up eating white bread (which means I avoided the refined carbs that make me binge).I didn't spend a lot of money either, so all in all I'm pleased with that.


Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

Girl, you get hungry a lot at work. You need to have a food box you keep at work (or carry with you at all time to work) with almonds, walnuts, seed, and dried fruit, whole grain crackers and peanut butter (they sell some in the small packets, butyou can make your own homemade packets as needed), so that when you're super peckish and can't get away, you can have some when the munchies strike hard. It's gotta be hard to think and function when your hunger is nudging. :)

The P