Sunday, February 22, 2009

Clean out

I did a big clearing of my clothes on Saturday. I spent the morning trying everything I own on and putting it all into one of 4 piles; 'too big', 'too small' 'just right', and 'dude! We'll call these lapses of judgment and never speak of them again'.

The 'lapses' and the too big clothes have been boxed up and put away. I think it's just as important to be sure clothes aren't too big as it is to make sure they're not too small. For the most part, if I wear something too big in a hope to camouflage my fat I end up looking more colossal than I am. The 'too small' clothes have been hung in the little half closet that I tend to shove my bedding into when I can't be bothered to fold it up, and the 'just right' items have been put on to my 'clothes I actually wear' rail in colour order. It'll be nice to know that everything I pull out of that rail is something I can just put on without worrying and feeling bad because I don't fit into half my clothes. It reduces my morning decision from what I CAN wear to what I WANT to wear.

The good news is that when the weather warms up I will have no problems. I'm either fitting or almost fitting into the vast majority of my summer clothes. The bad news is that's it's still only February. At least I only have another month or so.

I did 10k on resistance level 3 last night and really noticed the difference! It's going to be harder. I was up slightly this morning on the scale, but I don't think it's because of what I ate (food was at the top end of my calorie range, but still within it) so much as when I ate it. I ate later than usual and I think it stuck with me a little.

I'll be leaving for Kyoto in about 10 minutes, wish me luck. I have to go to the ATM when I get there else I'm penniless, so I'm hoping it's open.


Jim said...

I've got to go through all my clothes, too. I've got a lot of shirts that are now too big, and I don't want to ever think that it'll be okay to fit in them again. Best wishes to you.

And good luck with the ATM.

Wei Sic Meow said...

Great idea. I need to do that before I move and make sure I don't waste valuable space on stuff I never wear.

Have fun in Kyoto!

Anonymous said...

Good job sorting out your clothes! I really need to do that as well!

ani pesto said...

Love the name of that last category - I have a few items to go in that pile myself. I can't wait till I have a 'too big' box again, feels great huh, and you're so right not to fall into the trap of thinking that clothes that cover-up will also flatter - they rarely do.

Good luck in Kyoto.

Cammy said...

Great solution to the clothing storage dilemma! You reminded me that I have more clothes to get rid of.